Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Rahm Emanuel Hires Fannie Mae Legend Jamie Gorelick to Battle Against Trump Administration In Immigration Case

The Daily Caller reports:
Jamie Gorelick, the Hillary Clinton-supporting superlawyer representing Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump, is now working pro bono for the city of Chicago in its lawsuit against the Department of Justice.

Chicago is suing the DOJ over President Trump’s policies regarding federal grants for so-called sanctuary cities. Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced last month that cities that receive federal crime-fighting grants must also cooperate with U.S. immigration agencies regarding illegal aliens.

But Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel says that the Windy City will not comply with the order. He announced a lawsuit on Monday.

According to CNN, Gorelick — a partner at Wilmer Hale — is one of the attorneys representing Chicago.
You know that Jamie Gorelick of Fannie Mae fame.