Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Kids aren't doing as well in school as their parents think

The Dallas Morning News reports:
We know how important parents are to their children's educational success.

With the new school year just a couple of weeks away, having an accurate picture of how kids are performing is critical to efforts to help them.

That's why parents — and educators — should take note of a new national report by D.C.-based Learning Heroes that reveals a sobering disconnect between perception in academic achievement and reality.

In a survey of about 1,400 parents of public school children in kindergarten through eighth grade, Learning Heroes found that 9 in 10 parents believe their children are performing at or above grade level in math and reading. But results from the National Assessment of Educational Progress show that only about a third of them are.

And while most parents have high expectations about their children going to college and doing well, only about 37 percent of graduates are prepared for college.
Imagine that.