Sunday, February 26, 2017

Rep. Darrell Issa Interview | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

Canada Moves Forward with Anti-Islamophobia Measures


Lawyer: Racist Note Given To Black Waitress In Virginia Is A Fake

The Daily Caller

Harvard dean stands firm against single-sex ‘final clubs’

The Boston Globe reports:
Harvard created a stir last month when it announced that it might “revise or replace” a controversial plan to sanction students who join all-male social clubs long seen as bastions of wealth and privilege.

To some on campus, it seemed Harvard, under pressure from alumni and faculty, might abandon its push to force so-called final clubs, as well as sororities and other women-only clubs, to accept members of the opposite sex.

But the new committee of students, professors, and administrators that will reexamine the issue now appears unlikely to grant the clubs a reprieve.

In an interview, Rakesh Khurana, dean of the college, made clear that, whatever the committee decides, single-gender social organizations will still have to go co-ed.
How much longer can Harvard have single sex sports teams, in the name of egalitarianism???

Leftist Professor Eric Alterman on the Changing Media Landscape

Maher to media: ‘Get serious again’

The Hill

Next Women's March Is Being Co-Organized By A CONVICTED TERRORIST

Palestinian activists throw shoes at banner depicting Pres. Trump: He "doesn't see us as equal human beings"

Sleeping Late May Be Early Warning of Dementia

Sources: U.S. considers quitting U.N. Human Rights Council

Robert Davi Urges Illegals, Refugees – Come To Oscars, Mingle, Party With The Stars

Some Americans are refusing to pay their taxes in protest of President Trump

WSJ/NBC poll finds 44% of Americans approve of Trump’s job performance, while 48% disapprove

EPA Employees Used Gov’t Purchase Card to Spend $14,985 on Fitness Memberships. Purchases did not comply with any of the internal controls that were tested.

The Washington Free Beacon reports:
Environmental Protection Agency employees used their government purchase cards to spend $14,985 on fitness memberships, according to an audit by the inspector general of the agency.

With the goal of assessing the risk of illegal, improper, and erroneous purchases made on the EPA's purchase card, the auditors evaluated 18 transactions totaling $48,345 and found that none of them complied with any of the internal controls that were tested.

Some of these controls require that officials give approval, that records be properly placed in the vendor's banking system, and that transactions be reviewed by the card holder within 10 days of posting.

The auditors found that 2 of the 18 transactions, totaling $14,985, were for fitness memberships. Three other transactions were made to vendors who were considered high risk, which requires further documentation for review.
The "self-interest" at the EPA.

Muslim-majority countries not included in @POTUS's immigration order.

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