Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Naomi Seibt and Her Journey to Climate Realism

President Trump will sign an executive order defining Judaism as a nationality, not just a religion, thus bolstering the Education Department's efforts to stamp out "Boycott Israel" movements on college campuses

Here's what's in the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement, the new NAFTA

A U.S. judge permanently barred Trump from using military construction funds to pay for a wall along the Mexico border

An MSNBC host acknowledging to @carterwpage that he's been "cleared" of being a Russian spy by the Mueller and IG reports.

New 'Varsity Blues' charges: Georgetown mom pleads guilty to cheating in son's online classes

'It's really over': Corporate pensions head for extinction as nature of retirement plans changes

LA Approves New Office Of Racial Equity

“To me, impeachment is a very ugly word…[Democrats have] cheapened a process.” -@realDonaldTrump

Can late entries into the 2020 presidential race find their footing with voters?

Counties across Minnesota are scrambling to decide on whether to welcome refugees after President Trump issued an executive order that requires local approval of any resettlement in their ­communities.

Illinois Democrats Before Early Retirement Flashback: Marty Sandoval and John Cullterton With J.B . Pritzker and Toni Preckwinkle

Photographic history for Illinois Democrats...

The apparent reason for her rage was the kid said America was always great, except when Obama was President.

Often Wrong Pundit Bill Kristol : I'm A Big Fan of Nancy Pelosi's Decision Making on Impeachment

AOC defies Pelosi in refusing to back her drug pricing bill, says progressives "need to flex our muscles"

FBI Lied To FISA Court In Russiagate Investigation

57% of Americans (including 66% of people age 18-34) say they’re better off financially today than before Trump took office.

Attorney General Bill Barr at the Wall St. Journal CEO council. “These things take time..”

Oklahoma City University School of Law Student Expelled for Flyer That Said 'It's Okay to Be White'

New: Lisa Page, ex-FBI lawyer and regular target of Trump's ire, is now suing US Justice Dept. / FBI for alleged privacy violations. READ the complaint

Bill Barr accuses James Comey's FBI of acting in 'bad faith' against Donald Trump's campaign

ICE and DOJ defend creating fake university in Michigan that lured students

U.S. officials deny access to doctors seeking to give flu shots to migrant children

House Democrats are making a last-ditch bid to reverse the $10,000 cap on state and local tax deductions before year’s end

Obamacare had an unusually good day at the Supreme Court

NEW POLL: Majority of Democrats say Obama was better president than George Washington

American families below the 25th percentile owned 0.75 cars in 1970, but owned 1.4 cars in 2015. In 1960, 35% of those families had no indoor plumbing. By 2015, virtually all had it.

AG Barr: "I think our nation was turned on its head for three years based on a completely bogus narrative that was largely fanned and hyped by a completely irresponsible press."

New York AG’s office totally disgraced itself in the Exxon trial

The New York Post reports:
Closing arguments finished up Thursday in the People of New York v. ExxonMobil — a trial that has utterly disgraced the people’s representatives, prosecutors from the state Attorney General’s Office.

Time and again, state Supreme Court Justice Judge Barry Ostrager chided the prosecution — for being unprepared, for indulging in “agonizing, repetitious questioning about documents that are not being disputed”; for pretending a witness was an expert when she wasn’t; for presenting an expert (paid $1,050 an hour) who wouldn’t stop “rambling” and more.

At one point, he snapped: “OK, that’s the fifth time that he has given you the same answer.” At another, he all but accused the state of manipulating Exxon’s stock price on the basis of false information — in a trial where the state was trying to show that Exxon was doing that.

In a final bit of self-disgrace, late Thursday the prosecutors dropped two of their three main charges — the ones that required proving intent.

All that’s left is a charge under the Martin Act, which allows for criminal guilt for an accidental misrepresentation that might mislead the public. But the state failed to even produce any clear evidence that Exxon ever misled the public in any respect, even inadvertently.
An article well worth your time.

To End Mythical Gender Pay Gap, Pete Buttigieg Pays Female Campaign Staff More Then Males

Top Individual Contributors: All Federal Contributions in 2018

Open Secrets

Technological advances can bring about swift economic change, eliminating some jobs in the process. But this economic disruption is necessary for a vigorous economy of expanding opportunity and rising living standards.

After the Midterms, One Party Controls All the Wealthiest Congressional Districts

Yahoo Finance

Former Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel gives his thoughts on Elizabeth Warren and Joe Biden as presidential candidates at #WSJCEOCouncil

A new classroom-management technique is sweeping the nation: “room clears.” When a child throws a tantrum that could physically endanger his peers, teachers evacuate all of the other students from the classroom until the troublemaker has vented his rage.

Exxon Mobil prevails in New York climate change lawsuit

“Cultural appropriation” claims close NYC restaurant

As high-tech smart cities become the norm, the risk of cyberattacks rises, and experts say 'your weakest link is your people'

Makers of wearable devices shipped 84.5 million units in the third quarter, an increase of 94.6%

Nike launches first ever swimming hijab

Buried in the IG report is the revelation that Stefan Halper, referred to only as "Source 2" for the FBI's anti-Trump operation, was previously terminated as a source by the FBI due to "questionable allegiances."

Major League Baseball managers don't like proposed pitching rule for 2020 season

Baby boomers are no more isolated than previous generations - there are just more of them, study finds

As Democrats announce the articles of impeachment, even their voter base doesn't think Trump will be removed from office.

Joe Biden Vows to Give Taxpayer-Funded Obamacare to All Illegal Aliens in U.S.

Qeubec Says No ...A law that blocks teachers and other workers from wearing garments like the hijab is forcing many to choose between faith and financial stability.

The Nation reports:
This year, Quebec became the only jurisdiction in North America to ban the wearing of religious symbols in some public-sector jobs. The law, known as Bill 21, was ostensibly passed to enshrine official secularism, but it’s a reflection of Quebec society’s entrenched fixation with limiting displays of Islamic faith, especially the hijab—an obsession of right-wing pundits in the province’s French-language media. The ban affects some state employees in positions of authority, such as police, judges, crown prosecutors, and public school teachers, and its popularity with Quebecers made it a third rail for national politicians during Canada’s recent federal election. However, in the months since Bill 21 was rammed through in June, it has had an immediate negative effect on the livelihoods of Muslim women.

This is largely because most of the employees affected by the ban are public school teachers—75 percent of whom, in Quebec, are women. (The law does not cover workers such as day care employees, college or university professors, or custodial or secretarial staff.) Some people have agreed to remove their hijabs at work. Some religious families have decided to leave the province. Although the law also prohibits the wearing of turbans and kippahs, the burden of the ban has been overwhelmingly borne by Muslim women; there have been no debates about whether a male teacher can wear a religious beard. The phrasing around what constitutes a “symbol” is deliberately vague; all the government has said for sure is that a tattoo of, say, a cross wouldn’t violate the law.
An article worth your time.

Presidents and Vocabulary ....

President Trump Is Stacking The 9th Circuit

It's official -- the dossier was malarkey.

Medical screenings are the latest U.S. tactic to discourage asylum seekers, advocates say

MRC Files FEC Complaint Against Bloomberg News

China’s Economic Growth Mostly Welcomed in Emerging Markets, but Neighbors Wary of Its Influence

President Trump Blasts "Current" FBI Director Wray Over Response to IG Horowitz Report

A lawsuit expected to be filed today is challenging the University of California system's use of the SAT as a requirement for admission. It argues the tests are deeply biased and provide no meaningful information about a student's ability to succeed.

Tlaib GETS ROCKED by Major House Ethics Investigation...

You could teach a political science class on all of Tom Steyer’s bad ideas

House Democrats announced two articles of impeachment charging Trump with abuse of power and obstructing Congress’s efforts to investigate his dealings with Ukraine.

LOL Fredo just lies like it's nothing

Tucker: Left hates when Trump tells the truth

"All Americans should have serious concerns about the FBI's respect for constitutional principles, ability to carefully evaluate conflicting information, and its competency in general. "

France's unions take pensions battle back onto the streets

The Supreme Court left intact Kentucky law that forces doctors who perform abortions to first show them can ultrasound and give them detailed description of the fetus, even if they doesn’t want to listen.

Cameras and microphones on children's toys could be targeted by hackers this Christmas

Activists hold a mock wedding ceremony after Boris Johnson said in 2001 that gay marriage was 'equivalent' to 3 men marrying a dog

The Center for Popular Democracy Action, a coalition of more than 40 progressive community groups totaling about 600,000 members, will endorse Bernie Sanders for the Democratic presidential nomination

Last week, CBS and Viacom merged. This week, the combined company is looking into selling the CBS Building, the 491-foot Midtown tower known as Black Rock.

Half of U.S. businesses make workers sign noncompete agreements

It's as some companies don't believe the 13th Amendment was ratified in 1865.

The Swiss financial sector faces a “substantial risk” if the country’s banks aren’t adequately prepared for the demise of the Libor benchmark, the financial regulator says

He’s taking the big hits in your favorite action movies.

Nike debuts a groundbreaking new modesty swimsuit

UK economic growth slowest in nearly seven years

As Pete Buttigieg's campaign struggles to win African-American support, his campaign has turned to highlighting black leaders in South Bend who vouch for him, as a means of countering a run of negative news stories

Here's when fasting exercise works—and when it doesn’t.

Robots anchor tech revolution at new $2B Northern California hospital

Nearly eight out of 10 girls in a region of mid-Western Nepal sleep in dangerous outdoor "menstruation huts" during their period, despite the practice being outlawed, a study has found.

Asos apologises after being accused of ‘laughing’ at plus-size bodies with fat suit game

‘Micro-Cheating’ Is the Newest Problem Relationships Face Today

People should protest crony capitalism, not capitalism itself...

One in three NHS trusts increased their prices in the last year

Missouri teacher placed on leave after assignment asking fifth-graders to decide prices for slaves

Madonna’s daughter Lourdes performed in what’s being called a “simulated orgy” in Art Basel – where everyone stripped to nude underwear and pasties

Just how regulated are our nation’s elections?

Walmart Yanks Cocaine Santa Sweaters, Apologizes for Selling Them

(Video) Elizabeth Warren Supporter Goes Nuts

Supreme Court Rejects Challenge To Kentucky Abortion Law

"A number of black voters are simply going to sit 2020 out. They’re not going to vote for Trump, but they are also not going to vote for the agenda of people who think that 'trans is the new black.'"

‘We were lied to’: bankruptcy leaves truckers stranded as holidays near

From Consensus To Deadlock: Is Impeachment Still A Check On Presidents?

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