Friday, January 18, 2019

The first migrant caravan of the year stoked the heated political debate in the U.S. over a border wall

A transgender woman has filed a federal lawsuit accusing Gov. J.B. Pritzker's campaign of discrimination, alleging she was fired “because of her sex and/or gender.”

Rep. Tlaib to protesters: 'Let's march on, while they sip champagne'

Survey: Michigan has the crummiest roads in US

The Detroit Free Press

JUST IN: BuzzFeed editor-in-chief Ben Smith calls into @MSNBC to discuss the special counsel's new statement, and BuzzFeed News' response to that statement, with @chrislhayes.

Tickets For The AFC Championship Between The Patriots And Chiefs Are Under $200

.@jeffreyToobin: People who will think of media as "a bunch of leftist liars" who are willing to lie to hurt the president ... "It reinforces every bad stereotype about the news media."@brianstelter: "They want you to think we're all crooked. We're not."

BuzzFeed News' story claiming the president directed his attorney to lie is just the latest in a long line of bad reporting on the Russia investigation.

DC Attorney General Stomps Restaurant Owner for Asking ID From Transgender Man

Mueller: BuzzFeed article is not accurate. Chris Matthews: Not accurate doesn’t mean it’s not true.

The special counsel's office has taken the rare step of issuing a statement in response to our report on Michael Cohen being directed by Trump to lie to Congress:

Mueller's Team NUKES BuzzFeed's Latest Junk Report Claiming Trump Directed Cohen to Lie to Congress About Moscow Project

Ann Coulter Is "Not Going To Complain" Trump Shut Down The Government Over Immigration

Washington Post Editorial Board Slams LA Teacher’s Union

Hot Air

The process by which the government reaches out to private landowners to take their land for public use is generally clear-cut — and markedly one-sided in favor of the federal government.

Don Lemon Compares Government Shutdown to Slavery, Being an Indentured Servant

Liberal Hysteria :An ugly call about Trump's wall reaches an LAUSD strike picket line

The L.A. Times reports:

A Los Angeles Unified employee working at South Gate Middle School during the teachers’ strike was removed from the school after she shouted, “Build the wall!” at picketers.

The district said it was investigating the incident, which went viral when a video was posted on Facebook.

“This behavior is inexcusable and directly contradicts the mission and values of @LASchools,” said a district tweet Wednesday. LAUSD spokeswoman Shannon Haber would not identify the employee or say what her job was.

The video begins with an argument between picketers outside the school and a staff member sitting in her car parked on school grounds.

Here's more.

Jeff Deist on Why Socialism Persists

Netflix Could Lose 27 Percent Of Subscribers After Price Increase

Minimum Wage Punishment For Red State America?

"Yes, a government that issues its own currency can pay its bills. But piling up debt for no urgent reason is lunacy."

Don't have time to get an MBA? Binge watch these nine TV shows instead.

Chicago Public Schools is reopening its high school application process for about 800 eighth-grade students who were mistakenly allowed to apply for programs for which they were not eligible.

@JohnKingCNN just raised the question whether @SecondLady should be denied Secret Service protection, and even government housing, simply for being a Christian.

I’m in Rio Grande Valley sector of Texas border and agents say this wall barrier made illegal crossings far more manageable. They want more of it.

Senate Unanimously Condemns Religious Tests for Federal Office

Fannie and Freddie shares soar on privatisation talk

Acting OMB Director @RussVought45 sends letter to all Cabinet members that NO “government owned, rented, leased, or chartered aircraft” can transport any Congressional delegation, “without the express written approval of the White House Chief of Staff” during the gov’t shutdown

U.S. Treasury finalizes tax rule on pass-through businesses

In Iowa, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand calls on embattled Rep. Steve King to resign. "I think it's disgraceful what he said and I don't think he should be serving as a result," she tells @ABC News.

Former President George W. Bush delivers pizza to federal workers affected by government shutdown: "It’s time for leaders on both sides to put politics aside, come together, and end this shutdown."

REPORT: The Oscars Won’t Have A Host, Will Attack Trump Heavily

La Morada Restaurant in the South Bronx was a sanctuary for its community. Then the police arrested one of its owners.

Illegals who think immigration law doesn't apply to them.

(Ad) Chicago Alderman Ed Burke Champion of The Non-English Speaking Immigrants

The Los Angeles teacher strike has a huge problem: Pensions

The Washington Examiner

Stock prices up more than 10 percent since U.S. shutdown began

Sen. Kamala Harris has chosen Baltimore as the site for her campaign headquarters if she runs for president, sources familiar with the plans tell

General Motors is becoming China Motors

Law allowing blood draw from unconscious #motorist to be reviewed by Supreme Court.

Large Group Of Migrants Tunnels Under Arizona Border Wall

Court Rules Undercover @daviddaleiden Videos Of Planned Parenthood Selling Baby Body Parts As Authentic

Winter Storm Warning (Snow) Criteria

A useful reminder that differences between rich and poor countries is not due to people working less in poorer countries.

Why A Carbon Tax Won’t Work in the Real World


Should Nancy Pelosi Believe That Her Alleged Pedophile Brother Raped Underage Girls If You Believe All Women?

Should we believe all women who accuse men of rape?

Flashback to the New York Times December 12, 1953 page 16. The subject is Nancy Pelosi's brother Franklin D. Roosevelt D'Alesandro. (Sorry no link on this one.)
Baltimore,Dec.11(UP)- A Baltimore city grand jury recommended today that Franklin D. Roosevelt D'Alesandro, son of Baltimore's Mayor, be prosecuted for lying during his recent rape trial. The grand jury also recommended that an indictment be drawn against James Pollack, long-time Democratic political leader, for trying to obstruct justice during the trial in which the youth won acquittal. The grand jury made its recommendations in which presentments, which in this state precede the issuance of indictments. D'Alesandro, 20-year-old son of Mayor Thomas D'Alesandro, was charged, with more than a dozen other youths, of moral charges in two girls, ages 11 and 13.
No comment on this flashback from Nancy Pelosi or James Franco...

Socialist Bailout Lady(Of TARP Fame) Elizabeth Warren : Wells Fargo doesn’t belong on college campuses.

TARP leader Elizabeth Warren is more than 1/1024th upset at Wells Fargo.

Comrade Cortez Promotes Teachers Who'd Rather Dance than Teach The Children Out Their in L.A.

The N.F.L.’s Obesity Scourge. The effects of head trauma have gotten much of the attention, but huge weight gains have also damaged N.F.L. retirees.

The New York Times

Students Bring 'Trump 2020' Banner To HS Basketball Game. Now Superintendent Is Investigating.

Netflix said yesterday that it serves about 100 million hours of video per day, earning an estimated 10% of all time spent in front of the TV in the U.S.

Texas woman, 29, 'pretended to be her own fake autistic twin sister as part of a twisted plan to trick male caregiver into sex'

Nothing more disgusting than people who declare anything they disagree with as "hate" speech...

Texas Republican Calls On Dems To Give Tlaib Same Treatment Trump Gave Pelosi On Upcoming Trip

Stuck on STUPID: AOC picks a fight with anyone and everyone who dislikes Gillette ad campaign and just GUESS how that went

Even with the shutdown, the Trump administration is still suing to take land for the border wall

Women's March Co-President Refuses To Say Israel Has A Right To Exist

Smashing Fallacies in American Economic History

Don Lemon Compares Government Shutdown to Slavery, Indentured Servitude

L.A. Public School System: While employment has gone up 16% since 2004, enrollment has dropped 10% in the same period.


Warning: Video may cause uncontrollable cringing

Mike Pence says it is "deeply offensive" that critics are attacking his wife for teaching at anti-LGBT school

Washington Redskins Rank Fifth on List of America‘s Most Hated Companies

In spite of a steady drumbeat of allegations of anti-Semitism among the Women's March leadership, this year's march still has a lengthy list of partners.

Why say this?

Jeff Bezos and Lauren Sanchez 'will make their public debut as an official couple at the Oscars next month'

"This is not about Trump's wall. This is about America," says Allex Hutchins, a TSA screener who is working without pay, about the ongoing partial government shutdown, the longest in US history

Director who created the Gillette ad has a history of social justice activism and her boss is a virulent hater of Donald Trump.

The Democratic Party’s Holy War On Christian Orthodoxy

Police Looking for El Salvadoran Man for Sexually Assaulting Minor

Ald. Edward Burke dumped as tax lawyer by developers of Lincoln Yards, ‘The 78’ . Tony Rezko's name Pops Up Again...

The Chicago Sun-Times reports:
For 10 years, Sterling Bay, one of Chicago’s biggest developers, used Ald. Edward M. Burke’s law firm Klafter & Burke to seek property tax cuts. But not anymore.

The firm behind the massive Lincoln Yards development proposed for the North Side has cut ties with Burke now that the alderman faces a corruption charge that threatens to send him to prison and end the reign of Chicago’s longest-tenured and most powerful City Council member.

“Klafter & Burke does not currently work on any property in our portfolio,” according to Sarah Hamilton, a spokeswoman for Sterling Bay, which also is heavily involved in the bustling Fulton Market area west of the Loop. “We have worked with Klafter & Burke in the past, and the firm had some involvement on a limited number of our properties.

“But given recent events, we have terminated the use of their services. Currently, Klafter & Burke has no work with Sterling Bay.”

Another big developer, Related Midwest, which is partners in plans to develop 62 acres in the South Loop, also has dumped Burke as its property tax lawyer.
An article well worth your time in understanding Chicago.

This is a photo of the Swedish police. This is actually real.

Morgan Freeman blamed for granddaughter’s death at killer’s sentencing

The New York Poste

BuzzfeedNews Bombshell Reporter: No We Have Not Seen the Evidence Supporting Our Report

The New York Times Says We Should Learn From Cuba’s ‘Medicare for All’ "A new doctor earns $45 a month, and a very experienced one $80."

The KGB agent/ New York Times reporter Walter Duranty would be very proud of Nicholas Kristof. Just a reminder, we are supposed to believe that Cuba has a good health care system when "A new doctor earns $45 a month, and a very experienced one $80."

The Trump administration has appealed the #2020census #citizenshipquestion ruling by U.S. District Judge Jesse Furman to the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals

Shock Poll: Trump Gains 19 Points with Latino Voters During Border Wall Shutdown

Imagine thinking that "unsolicited" paper receipts at retailers are such a threat to civilization that they must be banned. This has to be some kind of mental sickness

New Poll Shows Joe Biden With Big Lead Among Potential POTUS Candidates

Hawaii Democrat Tulsi Gabbard used to fight against same-sex marriage and people she deemed "homosexual extremists." Now she's apologizing.

No Crisis! Latest migrant caravan marches on as Trump again demands border wall

Once again AOC looks foolish with her theatrics. Turns out she couldn't find Mitch because she passed his office on her way to staying lost. Love to buy her for what she's worth & sell her for what she thinks she's worth.

It’s unfair to women to allow men who believe they are women to play women’s sports.

Couples who laugh together DO stay together! Scientists discover relationships are more likely to last if you poke fun at your other half

China is facing its most precipitous decline in population in decades, setting the stage for potential demographic, economic and even political crises in the near future

Ohio Teenager Calls 911 After Her Father Confiscates Her Cellphone

Did Buzzfeed Blow This Story? President Trump personally directed his longtime attorney Michael Cohen to lie to Congress about negotiations to build a Trump Tower in Moscow in order to obscure his involvement.

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