Friday, July 20, 2018

Professor Patrick Newman : The Regressive Era

Professor Gordon Wood : Representation in the American Revolution

McConnell issues Supreme Court ultimatum


Out-of-control spending — NOT a lack of revenue — is the primary cause of our long-term fiscal woes.

A study shows that when a wife out-earns her husband, she downplays her income while he exaggerates his

Elizabeth Warren: Americans would be 'eating dirt' without 'rules' to rein in 'rich' people

Beware the New Eugenics

Why Does the Left Want Universal Health Care? Britain’s Is on Its Deathbed

The Democratic Socialists of America Wants Certain Industries To Be Nationalized

The Democratic Socialists of America wants the government to own all bakeries ? Some DSA members want all doctors working for the government.....

DC commissioners fight to revoke Trump Hotel liquor license

Fox News reports:
The anti-Trump resistance has gone from blasting Russia's interference in the White House race to interfering with White Russians.

Fox 5 reports that a D.C. Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC 4C) is backing a petition that looks to pull the Trump International Hotel’s liquor license -- citing D.C. law that only individuals of “good character” qualify for a liquor license.

“Donald Trump, the true and actual owner of the Trump International Hotel, is not a person of good character,” the petition, filed by a group of D.C. residents including two former judges, a pastor and a rabbi, reads.

The complaint, filed in June, cites Trump’s “long history of telling lies,” his alleged lack of integrity in dealings with others and his “failure to abide by the law and to repudiate associations with known criminals.” It goes on to call for a show cause hearing to judge whether the license should be revoked.
A Blue America story...

Comrade Keith Ellison Exposed for Not Having Law License, MSM Ignores...

Big League Politics

Democrats have a new midterms slogan. Why?

Director James Gunn Apologizes for ‘Offensive’ Old Tweets Joking About Rape, Pedophilia

The Wrap

A Yale University law professor recently suggested that "we hide immigrants from ICE if we have to," insisting that this would only constitute "civil disobedience," not aiding and abetting criminals.

FBI has tapes of Michael Cohen, Donald Trump discussing payment to former Playboy model

The Department of Health and Human Services : Where White Women Are Over- Represented...


"After the 1992 election, 15 of the 20 most manufacturing-intensive Congressional districts in America were represented by Democrats. Today, all 20 are held by Republicans."

Federal tax credits for renters? Sen. Kamala Harris proposes breaks for the rent-burdened

The San Jose Mercury News reports:
California Sen. Kamala Harris on Thursday unveiled a proposal to give federal tax credits to millions of low and moderate-income households nationwide who pay more than 30 percent of their incomes on rent and utilities.

The Democratic senator’s proposal has yet to win support from Republicans and could be a heavy lift in GOP-controlled Congress, but it reflects a growing concern about how those of modest and little means are struggling to pay ever-greater shares of their income on shelter. It also comes amid a contentious ballot measure campaign to roll back California’s decades-old restrictions on rent control.

Financial experts advise against spending more than 30 percent of income on housing, but in California alone, the majority of renters — 3 million — are doing so, according to the state’s housing department. Nearly one-third of renters in the state, roughly 1.5 million households, are sending more than half of their income to their landlords, the department found.
Comrade Harris has plans for the rental economy....

Joe Walsh explains how he was pranked by Sacha Baron Cohen

Disguised Sacha Baron Cohen confronted by gun store owner

Chicago's Next Really Bad Idea: A Guaranteed Basic Income


Gun Group: Only 3 Percent of Californians With Assault Weapons Registered Them After Latest Gun Law

The Washington Free Beacon

Rand Paul & Bernie Sanders Argue Over Trump's Helsinki Summit

Americans can legally download 3-D printed guns starting next month

HUD: Where African-American Females Get The Job. While African-American Women Are Only 6.53 % of the Civilian Labor Force: They are 28.77 % of HUD's Workforce....

HUD : where the workforce doesn't look like America. At HUD , 28.77 % of the workforce is African-American females. That's even larger than the number of white females working at HUD. That's pretty amazing , in a country that has way more white women. HUD, a place that white men don't seem to have any privilege .

Even if bitcoin doesn't replace cash, it will still have a long-term impact.

Netflix Crushed After Going All In for Obama, Wolf and Other Leftist Causes

Council on Foreign Relations Warmonger Max Boot : ' Republicans have gone from denouncing useful idiots to becoming useful idiots.'

As China Suffers Its Biggest Bankruptcy Of 2018, The PBOC Finally Panics

Town Sued For Banning Home Bible Study

Netflix's Insatiable faces backlash over 'fat-shaming'

Leftist MoveOn. Org Changes The Definition Of Violence.... When Words Lose Their Meaning.........

When words lose their meaning.........

Sources: Tony Podesta Offered Immunity In Manafort Case

More Evidence Uncovered Shows Obama Spied on Trump Illegally as Early as 2015

Barack Obama Claims He's Not That Rich...

Judge Jeanine Gets The Un-Welcome Mat on The View

Robert Mueller offers Tony Podesta immunity to testify against Paul Manafort: Report

The Washington Examiner

Obama Attacks Wealthy For Big Houses Before Returning To His $8 Million Mansion

Is Seattle A Strange Place?

“Let me tell you what I have. I’m tired of people starting a conversation with, ‘Mexicans are liars and rapists,'" Whoopi said

Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren claims people are working 4 jobs just to survive.

Twitter Caught Censoring Conservative Journalists With Site-Wide Shadowbans

After Attacking Conservatives, Disney Filmmaker’s Tweets Reveal Racism, Homophobia And Incidents Of Sexual Assault Against Children

The 9th Circuit decided in favor of gun rights earlier this week and it was a spectacular win for the #2A. Pay attention to this case because it could go all the way to #SCOTUS, and if #KAVANAUGH IS CONFIRMED, it could be his first major #2A case.

Paramount TV President Amy Powell Fired Over Inappropriate Comments ?

WATCH: Woman Recording Strzok Testimony on Own TV Catches Creepiest Moment by Far

Muslim cleric clashes with woman on air (VIDEO)

Photo surfaces of powerful US politician having coffee and Krispy Kremes and yukking it up with Vladimir Putin. COLLUSION! TREASON!! IMPEACHMENT!!!...Oh wait, it’s Chuck Schumer? Never mind...Donuts for all!

The Sad History of the FCC

Study: One Out Of Every Ten North Koreans Lives In Slavery

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