Tuesday, December 05, 2023

Mr. Good: "Does Harvard actually teach antisemitism in classes?"

Hoax-Funding LinkedIn Founder Who Bankrolled Trump Accuser Donates To Nikki Haley

Illegal immigrant: “I love you Joe Biden! Thank you for everything!”

US 10th-graders score lowest ever on international math test: ‘Whole world is struggling’

Jewish college students are telling Congress today about the unrestrained #antisemitism sweeping their campuses. I was particularly moved by Bella Ingber, a junior at @nyuniversity . Shame on NYU and other schools for their stunning failure to protect Jewish students.

Your taxes paid off their student debt

Rep. Grothman to Pres. Gay: "Does it concern you at all that you apparently have a lack of ideological diversity at Harvard, & do you think that atmosphere is maybe one of the reasons [for...]such an outbteak of antisemitism at your institution?" Gay shows no concern w/the issue.

Harvard boss is asked about ideological diversity .... at Harvard.

Univ. of @Penn Pres. Liz Magill defends paying Biden $400,000 for a no-show job: "He invited speakers"

Susan Sarandon dropped from film project after anti-Jewish rant

Rep. Elise Stefanik goes OFF on Harvard University's president

Harvard is sure shy about the foreign money they get...

"Why did you allow [Anti-Israel] protesters to occupy University Hall for 24 hours? ... and promised no disciplinary action would be taken."

At the New School, students attemptng to block building entrance: "Israel go to hell . . . Zionists go to hell!"

Hamas terrorists had ‘a thing with sexual organs’ and targeted genitalia of Israeli victims: UN testimony

FBI Director Chris Wray: "The Jewish community in this country is like 2.5% of the American public — and yet they represent something close to 60% of all religiously-based hate crimes"

(Video)Rep. Elise Stefanik goes HAM on Harvard University's president

A video you will not forget.

Starved Israeli hostages drugged, fed before release to improve appearance for cameras: ‘Part of the psychological terror’

Senator Mike Lee goes off on FBI Director Wray: “You have a lot of gall sir. This is disgraceful.”

Farida El Hefni, aka Farida Ibrahim, is a graduate studen/research fellow @Columbia . She was filmed in NYC cutting down posters of Israelis kidnapped by Hamas & throwing them down. When confronted, she said, “I mean, you’re the trash, really... you're a Zionist.”

Our border is a joke. Joe Biden has betrayed us all.

Sharp exchange b/w @RepStefanik & Pres. Gay on Harvard's selective commitment to free speech. Gay "reject[s]" @TheFIREorg characterization of Harvard as worst elite school for free speech, refuses to answer specifics on Sullivan affair, w/drawn offers to students w/racist emails.

Eyal Yakoby, a student at the University of Pennsylvania, was told by classmates and even professors: "You're a dirty little Jew. You deserve to die."

Is University of Pennsylvania in the vanguard of the new Nazi movement ?

Rep. @danielsgoldman bulldozes through witness who contradicts him about migrants in NYC already being "vetted"

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Ron DeSantis is running this ad in Iowa during his final 45-day push before the caucuses on January 15th.

Home Depot now proudly discriminates against white-owned suppliers.

NYU student Bella Ingber: “Being a Jew at NYU is experiencing how ‘diversity, equity, and inclusion’ is not a value that NYU extends to its Jewish students”

Chicago Alderman Raymond Lopez: "Most of the Democratic voters feel as though this party no longer represents them. It's been lurching too far to the left, to the extreme."

Congressional Republicans have introduced a bill that would create a dedicated office for investigating race discrimination in college admissions, the most dramatic effort yet to enforce the Supreme Court's ban on affirmative action

Kim Jong-un makes tearful appeal for women to have more babies to arrest declining birth rates

We Spied on Trump’s “Southern White House” From Our Couches .Tracking people in-and-out of Mar-a-Lago was easy, thanks to commercial software. Think your privacy is any better protected?

The measure California officials want to block from the ballot

Germany: Former spy chief says 'Europeans will succumb to Islam,' Europe will have Muslim majority by 2200

Record U.S. oil production is pushing prices down

Five days before the deadliest attack in Israel’s history, a warning may have appeared on stock exchanges...

Irish Senator Sharon Keogan drops truth bombs about immigration and crime

Liz Cheney is considering a third-party presidential bid "to stop Trump from winning" in 2024

Senator Dick Durbin wants to turn illegal aliens into American soldiers.

GOP presidential primary debate shrinks to four candidates as Ron DeSantis, Nikki Haley, Vivek Ramaswamy and Chris Christie qualify for Wednesday’s showdown in Alabama.

Whites to Become Second Class Citizens in Portland's Government Schools

Warming up your electric car's battery with a toaster is a bad idea. Yes, someone tried this.

German Cardinal Gerhard Müller warns that mass migration is being used to destroy national identities, not help people.

Autonomous-truck company TuSimple to wind down U.S. operations, slash jobs

Trump hits back at Liz Cheney's claim he stopped eating after 2020 loss: 'I was eating too much'

Saudi Arabia's energy minister says his country won’t support a COP28 agreement to phase down fossil fuels

Javier Milei takes a cudgel to the concept of social justice.

Sliding Corn Prices Sends Grain Index To Decade-Low

IRS whistleblowers to testify behind closed doors amid Biden impeachment inquiry

Interest on federal debt now soaks up 40% of income tax — by far the largest part of federal revenue

Prison sentence of meme-maker Douglass Mackey STAYED by federal court pending appeal

Disney's tax district accused of shady dealings amid DeSantis standoff: 'Akin to bribes'

Arlington house explodes after police respond to report of man firing flare gun from residence

Derek Chauvin's attacker used to be called "Stranger." The woke white Mexican Mafia FBI informant had less than 3 years left on his sentence, yet tried to murder America's most high-profile inmate. Why?

Almost half of NOAA's max temperature data (from 777 temperature stations) is now estimated/faked/fabricated/made up.

Last week, Biden's CDC Director refused to rule out another two-year-old mask mandate



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