Sunday, August 19, 2018

Boy’s Lemonade Stand, Shut Down for Lack of Permit, Reopens With Fanfare

Franken Resignation Casts Long Shadow on Keith Ellison

New York Magazine

Verbal abuse hurled at NYPD in yet another videotaped tirade

Has the media lost influence in the America?

Millennials are sharing streaming passwords, costing companies millions in revenue


Income inequality among Asian-Americans has nearly doubled from 1970 to 2016, a new Pew analysis says. By 2016, Asians in the top 10th of income distribution earned about $120,000 more than those in the bottom 10th.

Twitter 'Endorses' NYT's Sarah Jeong "Being Cruel To Old White Men"

Did Sally Yates enable DOJ official tied to Trump dossier? GOP investigators want to know

23 people shot, 2 fatally: 'Welcome to Chicago, I guess'

The Chicago Tribune

Tribalism in Politics and on Campus | Robert Wright & Robert P. George

Apple is in trouble in the world's fastest-growing smartphone market

Greece’s Bailout Is Ending. The Pain Is Far From Over.

President Trump’s staff has learned a hard lesson. If the president says something in private, no matter how geopolitically fraught, it's only a matter of time before he blurts it out in public.

Judge Says Government Does Not Have To Accept New DACA Requests

A cryptocurrency investor robbed via his cellphone sues AT&T for $224 million over the loss.

Fewer Americans are moving around the country to pursue new work opportunities, as better job prospects near home and changing family ties make people less willing to uproot their lives.

Under Trump, there’s a growing wait to become a U.S. citizen

Latest CBS News-YouGov House model midterm estimates: Seats: Democrat 222 / Republican 213 Vote: Democrat 51.5% / Republican 44.7%

Rich Lowry Slams Gov. Cuomo’s “Contemptible” Comments On American Greatness

Pink Floyd, Michael Jackson Lead Discogs' Midyear 2018 Sales Report


EU migrants will be given right to stay in event of no-deal Brexit amid fears of labour shortages, Cabinet papers reveal.

Former Houston Doctor Who Raped Sedated Patient Will Not Serve Prison Time. Shafeeq Sheikh, a former Baylor College of Medicine resident makes news.

A handful of U.S. school districts are reaching out to help educate children housed in federal youth migrant shelters.

Ireland: Muslim gang targets women drinking in nightclubs for gang rape, Gardai on high alert: The "Pakistani" pack go to clubs and pubs where they target drunk young women, try to isolate them and take them away.

"I Think Alex Jones is a High Ground" - YouTube Sensation @PewDiePie Defends Alex Jones - Trashes Tech Giant Collusion (VIDEO)

American women are facing 'perfect storm' of student debt

Concerns of conservatives being censored ahead of midterms

MSNBC panelist suggests Trump wants to round people up and murder them.

Twitter CEO Admits to ‘Left-Leaning’ Bias and Touts Efforts Not to Add to It

The End of London. Prepare Yourself.

Exclusive: President Trump Preparing Major Actions Against Monopoly Censorship Of Conservatives On The Web

When Chuck Schumer and his pals in the House & Senate exempted themselves from #ObamaCare, they said it was a way to keep good people with quality care. But when lowly citizens choose market-driven alternatives, it magically becomes "junk insurance."

Massachusetts Taxpayers Sue Over Anti-Semitic, Pro-Islam School Lessons

It's not just pickpockets -- here are the travel scams that are rising in 2018

This school is 100% tuition-free—but there's a catch

This diet has shown favorable results for protecting against cognitive decline and fighting cancer

Amy Walter: Ultimately, I think Ds either fall a few seats short of House majority or win 35+ seats.

I wonder if Sweden is regretting their 'open borders.'#VoteRed in November

HISTORIC! Black Business Ownership Under Trump Jumps 400% in ONE YEAR

SOROS booted from ANOTHER country: POLAND Deports Top Soros Organizer and Agitator back to Ukraine: Soros gets the boot, again. :)

The Kardashians are officially more powerful than the Windsors

The New York Post

Protesters face off in Seattle over gun reform initiative

Trump administration charges Facebook with housing discrimination

The Agenda That Dare Not Speak Its Name

FBI Dealt Big Blow By DC Judge; FBI Must Address Measures Taken To VERIFY Steele Dossier; EXPECT NO EFFORT TO VERIFY INFO IN DOSSIER WAS TAKEN, so FBI Hiding by Redaction & SlowWalking

Montana Democratic Gov. Steve Bullock says he would support an assault weapons ban, staking out a strong position on the issue ahead of a possible run for president in 2020

Cynthia Nixon Proud to Be Called A Democratic Socialist

While the left works to popularize the philosophy of democratic socialism, they focus on countries like Sweden and Denmark—which aren't socialist countries.

Clapper: John Brennan's rhetoric had become an issue

Dozens of high schools scrap varsity football programs after struggling to fill positions.

California Wants To Force Restaurants To Only Offer Kids Milk Or Water With Meals

Liberal canvasing for Sex and The City actress Cynthia Nixon says Trump isn’t qualified to be President because he was in entertainment?!

Dem Candidate Rashida Tlaib’s Anti-Israel Comments Too Much Even for Soros-Funded J Street

Minnesota Democrats endorse Keith Ellison despite domestic abuse allegation

WATCH: Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey admits Twitter has "left-leaning" bias

Media Freaks Out Over ICE Arresting An Illegal Immigrant — Then They Find Out He’s Wanted For Murder

(Video) I met my ISIS captor on a German street

Women can gauge a man's income from just a few seconds' glance, say scientists

Hedge funds turned record short on metals just before the rout

The Compulsory Society

President Trump Attacks Deep State Crew

CBS News pollster reveals why ‘blue wave’ is unlikely

The New York Post

Inside Europe’s struggle to build a truly global tech giant

Why Texas school districts are asking voters to raise taxes

Pentagon prepares to dispatch hospital ship to Colombia amid refugee crisis

Venezuela debt wreck marks new milestone as $6.1 billion unpaid

A storage safe manufacturer is closing two factories in Illinois and moving operations to Mexico to counteract the effects of metal tariffs imposed by Trump’s administration.

Want To Be Successful? Learn These Three Skills

Strange "rogue planet" travels through space alone

European leaders might assume that they can just wait this administration out. That would be a mistake.

Oil prices are down. Prices at the gas pump aren't

She wasn’t in labor. He was wanted for murder and how is this a sob story? Another anchor baby trying to ensure they get to stay here.

States and territories of the United States 1789-Present

Liberal Reporters Highlight ‘Lack Of Diversity’ In White House, Make No Acknowledgement Of Media’s Racial Diversity Problem [VIDEO]

Yield curve crunch shows Fed hiking even amid global agitation

The IRS is cracking down on this small business tax break. What it means for you

‘Far-Right’ Swedish Party Poised To Make Historic Dent In Country’s Socialist Government

Paul Joseph Watson And Steven Crowder Talk About Big Tech Purging Conservatives

Sweden dealing with migrant crisis

Ellison on the Ropes: Begging Ex-Girlfriend Not to Ruin His Life

Muslim couple denied Swiss citizenship over no handshake

Six Years In Prison For Man Who Tried To Blow Up Confederate Statue

Facebook: Hey, sorry for making those PragerU videos disappear

Bear market costs China tech moguls $34 billion

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To view yesterday's posts or earlier posts, click on Older Posts below this entry, right below the line on the right hand side.
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