Monday, September 25, 2017

Angry NFL Fans Lash Out, Burn Jerseys Over Protests: "You Can Take Your NFL And Shove It"


The End of NFL Football?

CNN’s Laura Jarrett: Sen. Menendez’s Defense Team Doesn’t Dispute He Got Lavish Gifts From Donor

Republicans have first NLRB majority since 2007

The Washington Free Beacon

BREAKING: Senator Collins says no on ObamaCare repeal bill, effectively derailing #GrahamCassidy legislation

Man quits nearly 30 year stadium job after Buffalo Bills kneel during the anthem

Sen. Susan Collins says she will vote no on Obamacare repeal bill, likely dooming it

The Best Free Antivirus Protection of 2017

Modern Leftist Logic....

5,400 U of Cal employees receive $100,000+ pensions, but school blames tuition increases on inadequate state funding

LeBron James Compares Trump To A Spoiled Child, Lectures Trump Voters About Their ‘Mistake’ [VIDEO]

WHO NEEDS RULES? NFL Players Arrested Every 7 Days On Average

The Daily Wire reports:
The National Football League is in a golden age right now: It's been 23 days since one of its players has been arrested.

The average time between arrests is just seven days, while the record without an arrest is slightly more than two months, at 65 days, according to, which "provides an interactive visualized database of National Football League player Arrests & Charges," the site says.

Players get arrested for a variety of crimes: drunk driving, drug offenses, domestic violence, assault and battery, gun violations, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, theft, burglary, rape and even murder.

The NFL virtually embraces players who abuse women. Take this report in the Chicago Tribune: "In the first round [of the 2017 draft], the Oakland Raiders drafted Gareon Conley, who has been accused of rape. In the second round, the Cincinnati Bengals selected Joe Mixon, who in a much-viewed video punches a woman so hard that she falls down unconscious. In the sixth round, the Cleveland Browns selected Caleb Brantley, who was accused of doing pretty much what Mixon did."
Imagine that.

It's On. Call for a National boycott of the NFL for Sunday November 12th, Veterans Day Weekend.

Pocket Fives

Nationalize everything! Labour unveils radical plan to ‘take back’ utilities & transport


The Politically Incorrect Guide to American History | Thomas E. Woods, PhD

It costs $27,000 more to give birth in the US than it does in the UK—here's why

34% of NFL's best fans "less likely" to watch after protests

NFL won't discipline teams that weren't on the field for the national anthem on Sunday.

Anthony Weiner has been sentenced to 21 months for sexting at minor.

South Carolina restaurant owner will no longer show NFL games.

Preliminary TV ratings for Sunday's games down from previous year


Patriots Fans Boo Anthem Protesting NFL Players

How Do Regulations Get Made? [Fourth Branch]

National Anthem Protests and the Disappearing Democratic Party


Newt goes nuclear on the NFL: "If you're a multi-millionaire who feels oppressed, you need a therapist."

Here are the major questions before the Supreme Court this fall

The L.A. Times

The data debunk the Taxachusetts myth ?

The Boston Globe reports:
Taxes in Massachusetts aren’t high. Compared with the rest of the country, they’re pretty average. And among New England states, only New Hampshire has a lower overall tax rate.

Says who? The Census Bureau, which regularly releases details on taxes collected by state and local governments. The latest batch covers 2015, slightly stale but still largely accurate, given that Massachusetts hasn’t pursued any recent tax changes.
Click on the Census Bureau link within the article.

Dickerson doubts effects of Russian Facebook ads on election

Antonin Scalia - The Role of the Judiciary

Democrat Party Operative , With TV Show, Joy Reid Claims 'Puerto Rico Is Trump's Katrina'


Sales Of Villanueva’s Football Jersey Skyrocket

The Daily Caller reports:
Alejandro Villanueva, the lone football player on the Pittsburgh Steelers who stood during the national anthem Sunday while the rest of his team remained in the locker room, has become more popular than ever as sales of his jersey have skyrocketed.

Sales of the former Army Ranger’s jersey on shot up to the highest-seller among Pittsburgh Steelers jersey as of just 10 PM Eastern time.
Imagine that.

CNN's Marc Lamont Hill Admits 'I Don't Stand for the National Anthem'


Over 1.1 Million Refugees Remain In Limbo Across Europe


In Venezuela, they were teachers and doctors. To buy food, they became prostitutes.

The Miami Herald

Mark Thornton: Can the Fed Unwind?

Steelers Coach Didn’t Want Army Vet To Stand For Anthem

The Daily Caller

More senators come out against latest ObamaCare repeal bill

The New York Post

The Politicization of Everything .Everybody loses in the Trump-NFL brawl over the national anthem.

The Wall Street Journal reports:
American democracy was healthier when politics at the ballpark was limited to fans booing politicians who threw out the first ball—almost as a bipartisan obligation. This showed a healthy skepticism toward the political class. But now the players want to be politicians and use their fame to lecture other Americans, the parsons of the press corps want to make them moral spokesmen, and the President wants to run against the players.

The losers are the millions of Americans who would rather cheer for their teams on Sunday as a respite from work and the other divisions of American life.
How sad.

Bill de Blasio is cruising to a second term. But don't expect New Yorkers to be happy about it

Crain's New York Business reports:
De Blasio, by contrast, had budget coffers overflowing with a $3 billion surplus. Murders had fallen below 350, the fewest in decades. The economic recovery from the financial crisis had been so strong that the city had just passed the 4 million mark for jobs, breaking a record set in 1969. His biggest problem was that the unions had been working without contracts for years and were very unhappy. He had the money to deal with the issue.

From Koch to Bloomberg, New York's mayors saw their task as nothing less than saving the city from a succession of crises and maybe creating the conditions under which New York's inherent advantages—the creativity and drive of its inhabitants, its transit infrastructure and its access to capital—might allow it to thrive.

They succeeded so spectacularly that de Blasio could give himself a completely different challenge: making the city fair.

"I want to repair an inequality of opportunity that threatens to unravel the proud promise of New York," he said in a postelection speech, setting the standard by which he should be judged.
The Mayor heads towards another victory.

Sen. Rand Paul lays out demands on health care as talks continue

The Washington Post

The #Antioch Shooter Was From Sudan, One Of The Seven Countries On President Trump's Initial Travel Ban

NASCAR team owners threaten to fire any employee who kneels during the Anthem.

Headlines on mass shooting at Tenn church conspicuously silent on identifying characteristics of the shooter...OH! It's a Sudanese immigrant

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