Friday, November 16, 2018

Sorry, Feminists, Men Are Better at Scrabble - WSJ

Mexicans in Tijuana hold a protest against the Central American Caravan.

John Kerry warns against mass immigration during an interview with The Guardian this week: “Look at Europe! Europe’s already crushed under this transformation that’s taken place because of immigration.”

Will Social Justice Warriors Allow Men to Identify As Women Because of Lower Test Standards in The Army?

Walter Williams reports:
Here’s something for you to consider: For males between the ages of 17 and 21 to pass the Army’s fitness test, they must do 35 pushups, do 47 situps and run 2 miles in 16 minutes, 36 seconds. Females in the same age group pass the fitness test by doing 13 pushups, doing 47 situps and running 2 miles in 19 minutes, 42 seconds ( Would it be OK for males who cannot meet the male requirement to claim that they are females?
Are you a science denier?

FBI File : JFK Worried Nancy Pelosi's Father Was Tied In With The Mob.

Friend of Ours reports:
Nancy Pelosi's father Thomas D'Alesandro Jr. allegedly was a "constant companion" of notorious mobster Benjamin "Benny Trotta" Magliano and other underworld figures during his political years in Baltimore, MD. D'Alesandro was a Congressman for five terms from 1938 to 1947, and Baltimore mayor for three terms from 1947 to 1959. Magliano was identified by the FBI as one of Baltimore's "top hoodlums," and he widely was acknowledged as the representative for New York's Frankie Carbo who made his bones with Murder, Inc. and later became a made guy in the Lucchese family. The allegations are included in D'Alesandro's recently-released FBI files which Friends of Ours has obtained pursuant to the Freedom of Information Act.

In 1947 the FBI investigated Magliano for securing a draft exemption from Selective Service for himself and prize fighters he controlled by falsely representing they had essential employment at American Ship Cleaning Company which was operated by John Cataneo. In fact, Magliano and his boxers had no such employment, and they were convicted with Cataneo in federal court for their unpatriotic draft-dodging scam. Peter Galiano, one of the convicted boxers, told the FBI in January 1947 that "Thomas D'Alesandro was a constant companion of John Cataneo; Benjamin Magliano . . . and [redacted]"
There's more:
Meanwhile, the allegations against D'Alesandro continued to pile up. Finally, in January 1961 President John F. Kennedy requested the G-men to address "allegations of D'Alesando's involvement with Baltimore hoodlums; with favoritism in awarding city contracts; [and] protection for political contributors and the prosecution of local cases." President Kennedy wanted to appoint D'Alesandro to the United States Renegotiation Board which was a government watchdog against profit gouging by defense contractors. A February 6, 1961 memo from Hoover to the Baltimore and Washington Field Offices cautiously advises: "The White House has requested that we proceed with a special inquiry investigation but that if substantial derogatory information were developed, we should report this and discontinue any further inquiries because substantiation of any of the allegations would eliminate D'Alesandro."
Much more:
D'Alesandro also was accused by highly-credible police officers of providing protection to Baltimore hoodlums. For example, "in 1945, Captain JOHN R. ROLLMAN, Western District, Baltimore Police Department, Baltimore, Maryland, furnished information to the Baltimore Office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation concerning one CHARLES F. CAMMARATA, who until a short time previously had operated a tavern at 641 West Baltimore Street." According to Captain Rollman "CAMMARATA had gotten away with all sorts of criminal activities in the Western District due to the protection of Maryland United States Representative THOMAS D'ALESANDRO," and "CAMMARATA was alleged to be gambling in various crap and card games in Baltimore." Once again, the FBI never did anything about these allegations at the time they were made, and in 1961 when the G-men finally got around to taking a look into them Captain Rollman since had died and "CAMMARATA's current whereabouts are unknown." A March 15, 1961 FBI memo reports that Cammarata may have been last seen in Havana, Cuba in the mid-1950s where he allegedly "had some connection with Clark's Tropicana Night Club," and may now be residing in Miami, FL where he "reportedly owned apartment houses"; however, perhaps content to let sleeping dogs lie, the FBI never followed up on these tips in an attempt to reach Cammarata about the alleged protection he received from D'Alesandro while operating in Baltimore in the 1940s.

Another serious allegation against D'Alesandro was that he had received kickbacks from building developer Dominic Piracci on city contracts. Piracci's account ledger included several payments totaling $11,000 to D'Alesandro which he later erased to keep the information from investigators. The developer later explained that the payments were legitimate loans to Mrs. D'Alesandro to finance her cosmetics business which since had been fully repaid, and he doctored the documents only "to save" the D'Alesandro family "from embarrassment and from further trouble" given a criminal investigation into his business practices. In April 1954 Piracci "was found guilty of conspiracy to defraud the city of $42,996 in connection with the construction of an off-street parking garage in Baltimore," and also found guilty for "obstruction of justice in that he submitted to a Baltimore City Grand Jury a 'completely phony' ledger to conceal $35,000 in weekly payments to the Peoples Holding Corporation" whose officers "were also charged with conspiracy to defraud Baltimore City in an off-street parking garage contract." Mrs. D'Alesandro testified on Piracci's behalf at his criminal trial, and although she insisted the "loans" from Piracci were repaid there was no documentary evidence to corroborate that testimony. The supposed repayments were made in cash rather than by check. Mrs. D'Alesandro's testimony may have saved her husband's sorry ass from criminal liability but could not save his then-bid to become Maryland's governor. The D'Alesandro's son Thomas III later married Piracci's daughter Margaret.
Here's part 1 of Nancy Pelosi's father's FBI file and here's part 2.

BOMBSHELL: Florida Dems Passed Out ALTERED Election Forms to ‘Fix’ Ballot Signatures

No one has claimed the $1.5 billion Mega Millions jackpot yet. What happens if the winner never does?

What Went Wrong?

Congressional districts in Orange County, Calif. in 2016 and in 2018

Comrade Harris Thinks Doctors Lead The Way in Gun Control

Comrade Harris wants to enlist doctors in her gun banning scheme.

Flashback: Justice Alito Reminds Everyone That The Klu Klux Klan Wanted to Disarm Blacks After The Civil War

Flashback 2010. In Justice Alito's famous written opinion concerning Chicago's handgun ban the subject of the Klu Klux Klan came up.

Can Murray Rothbard Be Explained to Children?

The ACLU in Six Minutes...

Attorneys for Democratic Gov.-elect J.B. Pritzker asked a judge to toss out a racial discrimination lawsuit that became an unexpected campaign development

MSNBC’s Joy Reid lies and makes up conspiracy theories about Georgia's governor race

Comrade Swalwell : I'm going to buy your assault weapon..........

How long until Microsoft support for Windows 7 ends?


Former Fox News WH Reporter Major Garrett Shares Details Of His Time Covering Obama Administration

Radical Congressman Eric Swalwell ‏ Warns Gun Owners About Gun Confiscation

Stacey Abrams concedes election to Brian Kemp. Says Kemp won by suppressing the people's right to vote.

Breathing the air in Sacramento for a day right now is equivalent to smoking 14 cigarettes.

List of potential 2020 presidential candidates grows

House Republicans plan to issue subpoenas for former FBI Director James Comey, former attorney general Loretta Lynch

The Supreme Court says it will hear arguments over the evidence a federal judge can consider in the lawsuit over the addition of a citizenship question to the 2020 census

What does $171 million get you? "Pritzker’s juggernaut had more than 200 employees, 33 field offices, wall-to-wall TV ads and a massive investment in digital advertising...." Great look inside a moneyed campaign by

Comrade Tlaib Continues to Support BDS.

The anti-Jewish wing of the Democrat party speaks.. again.

I Hate Windows 10 What Are My Options

French teen dies after ‘refugee’ stabs him 23 times for no reason

Cultural diversity and gun control: not a winning combination in France these days.

"Germany WILL be an ISLAMIC State, Sharia will be Law, Your daughters WILL marry muslim.."

Trump has been asking aides and advisers whether they think Mike Pence is loyal, NYT reports.

The Miracle of Supermarkets – The Perspective of the Austrian School of Economics


Mark Knopfler - Good On You Son

In honor of Mark's new album out today.

WATCH: "Non-citizens" in disguises offered ballots to vote. "We just require that you state your name and address" say the poll workers. "We don't need" ID they repeat. "We simply need for you to make an X in this box." Here's evidence

MARK KNOPFLER Down the Road Wherever interview BBC Breakfast

Immigration has made Denmark a poorer, less secure and more polarised country – Study

Don't be a science denier...

Soros Linked Media Matters Doesn't Like Attack on Socialism

Soros linked Media Matters is quite upset: socialism is being attacked on TV....

Facebook executives say they were not aware the company had hired a Washington, D.C.-area opposition research firm to find damaging information on critics.

1.2 million Americans in their 60s strain to care for parents and adult children. “You don’t abandon family because something’s inconvenient.”

Comrade Omar Attacks Donald Trump

Comrade Omar attacks Donald Trump. Comrade Omar is silent about her culture repressing women.

Va. school hosts 'listening sessions' after removing 'racist' Confederate display

A judge ruled in favor of CNN’s request for an emergency order restoring the White House credentials for Jim Acosta, in a blow to President Trump

Piers Morgan on Hollywood's hatred of Trump

Kamala Harris To ICE Nominee: Are You Aware There’s A Perception That ICE Is Like The KKK?

Hot Air

FLORIDA, MAN: Officer in Parkland shooting fights subpoena and refuses to testify.


Veterans aren’t getting their GI Bill payments — because VA’s 50-year-old computer system broke

The struggles of central planning.... No word yet on this story from single payer advocates.

VA’s old computer systems and a change Congress made in how housing stipends are calculated under the GI Bill led to payment errors for student vets

Bannon and Cohen? Adam Schiff has some questions he'd like to ask. The incoming Democratic chairman of the House Intelligence Committee maps out plans to reopen the Russia probe.

Juncker's shoes don't match. He appears to have lost the ability to dress himself properly.

Liberal Establishment's Haunting Fear: In the midterm elections, about 17 percent of black men voted to give Texas Republican Ted Cruz another term in the Senate.

The Boston Globe reports:
In the midterm elections, about 17 percent of black men voted to give Texas Republican Ted Cruz another term in the Senate. Around 11 percent supported Georgia gubernatorial candidate Brian Kemp
Everyone doesn't vote like Harvard's Government Department.

6 congressional committees to watch in 2019

The school now plans to host an anti-porn speaker.

Heard on the Street: PCs aren't ready to fade away—quite the opposite

Stormy Daniels: Why I won’t speak out against Donald Trump in 2020

Guilty by association is wrong.

The Liberal Establishment is Upset That Government Schools Don't Work Well

The statist New Republic is upset that government schools are a failure.

How technology can improve education in developing countries

Here's every Galaxy S phone since 2010

"The silver lining of this defeat for the anti-establishment Freedom Caucus is its growing influence."

France offers crypto firms official certification in exchange for taxes and investors' identities

The precarious power of the progressive left

Total immigration to the United States has declined under President Trump, and fewer foreign travelers have been entering the country

Couples who have better sex do this

How a patchwork of property tax abatements make an irrational system even worse

Steel tariffs rattle Indiana town that relies on RV manufacturing

Report: Never Trumper Bill Kristol Gets Funding from Left Wing Billionaire

Michigan rabbi leads caravan of faith to help immigrant kids in Texas

To manage costs better, U.S. health systems need to go beyond the easy stuff

The Justice Department inadvertently named Julian Assange in a court filing in an unrelated case, suggesting prosecutors have charged the WikiLeaks founder under seal.

Having 'The Talk' about college costs with your teen

A man shouted "Heil Hitler" and "Heil Trump" during "Fiddler on the Roof" — and people fled

Miami is one of the most colorful cities on the planet, but soon it's getting a little more automated.

Republicans sour on the election outcome, poll shows, while Trump claims illegal voting

Obamacare repeal architect Tom MacArthur defeated by former Obama adviser

Life insurance companies are luring Fitbit and Apple Watch users with deals

By losing suburban voters, the GOP could face a long-term obstacle in securing formerly winnable congressional seats, governorships, and state legislative chambers.

Potential 2020 presidential candidates on free trade

Stacey Abrams’ legal team is "considering all options" in push for new Georgia governor vote.

A $2 Billion Question: Did New York and Virginia Overpay for Amazon?

Have European Leaders Lost The Will To Defend Western Civilization?

The UK's "Knife Crime Epidemic" Is Proof Bans Don't Ever Work

Pelosi: 'Every Place I Go, People Say...Thank You for Saving America'

Trump Raises the Stakes With CNN

Media Skip Farrakhan and Hype 'Nazi' Prom

The 'feminist' ruling angering Indian women

Palm Beach misses Florida recount deadline — reports Saturday's tally

Round-the-clock culture in London

The House GOP Just Got a Whole Lot Trumpier

The Establishment : "There's a growing recognition of the problem of corporate bigness” in America.."

New: Not so long ago at all, Ohio was considered the quintessential swing state — it had, after all, voted for the winning presidential candidate in every election starting with 1964. But something happened this decade.

Students say they don't know what 'trivial' means in exam question fiasco

EU Chief Juncker Attacks Nations Leaving UN Migration Pact, Slams ‘Stupid Populists’

Federal Judge Rules Against Hillary Clinton, Hands Tom Fitton Decisive Win In Key Case

Often Wrong Pundit Bill Kristol Talks and Talks About 2020 and More

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