Thursday, July 20, 2017

Flashback 2016: Big Government Pundit Matt Dowd Predicts 96% Likely Hillary Clinton Will Win

Rio Tinto going driverless Down Under

Railway Age reports:
Global mining conglomerate Rio Tinto says AutoHaul®—the US$518 million automation of its Western Australia Pilbara iron ore heavy-haul rail network—is progressing well, with about 20% of all train-miles now operating in autonomous mode, albeit with on board locomotive engineers managing certain safety and reliability systems.

Lee Cary: Trump Should Fire Jeff Sessions

Canada Free Press

Chicago Mob Linked Eric Holder Issues Pronouncement

Revised GOP healthcare bill would still leave millions without insurance, new report concludes

The L.A. Times

Politically Incorrect SEC Refers to Mary L. Schapiro As Chairman


San Jose businesswoman pleads guilty to H1-B visa fraud

The San Jose Mercury News

CON Job: How a Little Known Law Prevents Access to Healthcare

Trump administration expands visas for seasonal workers

The San Francisco Chronicle

AirBnB Property Manager Sues Real Estate Industry

Female Genital Mutilation Probe Widens to LA, Chicago, New York

Big Government reports:
The first-of-its-kind federal investigation of a female genital mutilation (FGM) conspiracy appears to have moved beyond the original upper-Midwestern focus to elsewhere in the country, court documents filed Tuesday reveal.

In a bid to get her client, former Detroit area emergency room doctor Jumana Nagarwala, out of pre-trial detention, defense attorney Shannon Smith filed a reply brief in U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan Tuesday. Concluding, Smith confirmed that she expects new FGM arrests and indictments in Chicago and Los Angeles.

The alleged conspiracy to sexually mutilate young girls captured the country’s imagination in April, when Nargarwala was arrested on the first ever federal charges under a law banning the gruesome primarily-Muslim practice.
The Third World comes to America.

Senate Democrats Describe Palestinian Authority As Sponsor of Terror

Albuquerque Tea Party granted tax-exempt status after 8 years

Fox News

Finally, a college cracks down on the left’s snowflake fascists

The New York Post

Berkeley Antifa leader arrested for inciting a riot

Hot Air reports:
Tuesday, police arrested Yvette Felarca, a Berkeley middle-school teacher who is one of the leaders of the Antifa group By Any Means Necessary. Felarca is charged with inciting a riot last June in Sacramento, CA.
Comrade Felarca in the news.

Chicago Public Schools officials estimate 8,000 fewer students will enroll in the city’s public schools next school year.

A dating survey says this is Austin’s ‘best bathroom for sex’

Progressive Hysteria : ALEC Is Talking About Changing the Way Senators Are Elected and Taking Away Your Vote

The Nation on the fears of changing the way U.S. Senators are selected.

L.A. School Board Members Just Got Huge Raises.

The L.A. Weekly

Tax-Funded Anti-Poverty Groups Pay Their CEOs Huge Salaries

The Daily Caller reports:
Top officials with 14 anti-poverty nonprofits were paid as much as $869,900 as their organizations were enriched with $900 million of taxpayer money, The Daily Caller News Foundation’s (TheDCNF) Investigative Group has found.

The activist groups received as much as 85 percent of their revenue from federal, state and local governments and collectively spent millions on lobbying, TheDCNF’s analysis found. Also, half of the charities’ CEOs made political contributions – nearly all of which was to Democratic candidates.
Who knew serving non-profit motives could be so lucrative?

States Where Welfare Recipients Are Paid More Than Minimum Wage

Cheat Sheet

Sears shares jump 19% at open on Amazon deal to sell Alexa-enabled appliances

CNBC reports:
Add Sears to the growing list of retailers inking deals with Amazon.

The department store chain announced plans on Thursday to sell Kenmore-branded appliances on The products will also be compatible with Amazon's Alexa platform, Sears said.

Shares of Sears' stock were climbing more than 25 percent at one point in trading before the market's open following this news.

"The launch of Kenmore products on will significantly expand the distribution and availability of the Kenmore brand in the U.S.," Sears CEO Eddie Lampert said in a statement.

"At the same time, Sears Home Services and our Innovel Solutions unit will benefit from the relationship as more customers experience their quality services for Kenmore products purchased on"

Five of the 10 wealthiest counties in the U.S. are located in the D.C. metro area, according to Forbes’ 2017 rankings.

Thanks to Lew Rockwell for the heads up on this one. What better proof than this that big , activist government leads to a rent-seeking society?

Men and Republicans are the best tippers

Dems Expect Large Lineup of Contenders to Take on Trump in 2020

Monopoly, Competition, and Antitrust | Thomas J. DiLorenzo

House Passes Bill To Rework The Most Expensive EPA Regulation Ever

The collapse of the taxi-medallion shakedown

The Boston Globe

Cable TV upheaval prompts a wave of media merger talks

The L.A. Times

Lifestyle changes may help stave off Alzheimer's

African Robotics Team Goes Missing After FIRST Global Challenge: Report

NBC Washington

DeVos is addressing ALEC, which brings together state legislators, free-market conservative groups and corporations

Republicans’ Push to Overturn Health Law Is Back From the Dead

The New York Times

We don't believe in "Voters Without Borders!"

Chinese investors set new record buying US real estate

Majority of Americans want a bipartisan health care bill passed: Poll

These are the best colleges in every state

Trump: ‘Single-Payer Will Bankrupt Our Country’

Somerville, MA stands up for immigrant residents

The Boston Globe

Feds Issued $171 Million in Improper Payments to People With More Than One SSN

9-1-1 transcript released in fatal shooting of Justine Damond by Minnesota officer

Baltimore cop's body camera footage shows officer planting drugs, public defender's office says

Rod Rosenstein suggests Comey broke FBI policy by leaking memos to press

Colorado's marijuana tax revenue has exceeded half a billion dollars

Professor Tribe Advances Conspiracy Theory of Politics

North Korean Police Beat People To Death To Avoid Wasting Bullets In Brutal Public Executions

How did people survive without their precious Obamacare for thousands of years???

This is why many Londoners voted against Brexit. Selfish concerns about their inability to hire cheap foreign labor.

Bill Nye: Older people need to "die" out before climate science can advance

President Trump's Interview With The New York Times

Elizabeth Warren Attends Martha's Vineyard Dinner Hosted by Big Bank Executive

President Trump Issues Statement on John McCain's Health

Why does the media let liberal groups get away with embrace terrorists as heroes?

Mark Knopfler on Guitars

Nearly 900 Cars Burned in France After Trump’s Bastille Day March

PJ Media

Ben Shapiro calls BS on Berkeley cancellation

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