Sunday, October 21, 2018

Tucker Carlson VS Cenk Uygur from the Young Turks Debate of the Century at Politicon

(Video) Laura Loomer Confronts Michael Avenatti At Politicon 2018! Avenatti Responds!

Tucker Carlson at Politicon 2018 on the importance of Free Speech:

U.S. housing prices may already be in a cyclical downturn amid rising mortgage rates

Mega Millions May Reach $2 Billion By Tuesday

The New York Post

Are Siblings More Important Than Parents? How brothers and sisters shape who we are

Will Shapiro Vote Trump 2020?

How to make YouTube run faster in non-Google browsers

This drone can follow and record you from the sky—no controller required.

Antifa Thug Who Berated 9/11 Widow Identified, FIRED FROM JOB

Republicans Hold Cash Edge Heading Into Final Stretch of the Midterms

Alan Dershowitz predicts: Mueller investigation wraps by Christmas

These are the 15 most popular travel destinations among millennials

Donald Trump on ‘Criminal’ Caravan Migrants: ‘This Country Doesn’t Want Them’

NEW: Despite Dem candidates' huge $$$ advantage over their GOP rivals, Republicans actually had $52M MORE in the bank at the beginning of the month, when you factor in national party committees & top super PACs along with campaigns in contested races.

CNN’s Jake Tapper calls out Los Angeles Democratic Mayor Eric Garcetti for campaigning for Democrats across the country while L.A. suffers from a homeless crisis

A ragged, growing army of migrants resumes march toward US

The AP reports on the army of illegal invaders:
Migrants marching north Sunday said they gave up on Mexico because the application process was too slow, and most wanted to continue to the United States anyway.

“We’re warriors, we got to get to the place we got to get to. We’re gonna keep on going and we’re not gonna stop,” Luis Puerto, 39, of Colon, Honduras, said in English.

For Puerto, that place is North Carolina, where he has a wife and two daughters. He said he was recently deported from the United States after a brush with the law that he did not specify.

“We are going to get to the border of the U.S.,” he said. “I am not going to stop. I don’t care if I die.”
There should be the death penalty for illegal aliens who are deported and come back.

If you hear any of these 19 "red flags" during a job interview, run don't walk to the nearest exit.

California Today : Where one in every two children has a foreign-born parent.

The Sacramento Bee reports on the "different place " in America.. called California:
California’s family physicians are warning federal officials that a proposed change in immigration rules will put public health at risk because it weakens “herd” immunity, especially in the Golden State where one in every two children has a foreign-born parent.

The Trump administration on Wednesday proposed changes to a federal rule that, immigration experts say, creates ambiguity about what it means to be an immigrant who depends on the government for their support. In the parlance of immigration, such a person is called a “public charge,” and getting saddled with that label can ruin a shot at permanent U.S. residency for many immigrants.

“The new rule would make it difficult for any temporary visitor to adjust his or her status to get a green card if he or she had lawfully or otherwise used health and other public benefits,” said Kevin Johnson, the dean of the King Hall law school at UC Davis. “Immigrant rights advocates fear that it will discourage all non-citizens from using public benefits, even ones they are lawfully entitled to.”
Imagine that.

These are the best and worst states for taxes.

Watch--Caravan Migrant Says March to U.S. Border Is for Jobs, Not Asylum

A raging measles outbreak in Europe may be a warning sign of what could occur in the U.S. if something doesn’t change soon, experts say.

Democrats look increasingly like they could lose Senate seats in November

Central American migrant caravan grows to more than 5,000 people

Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, and Why Civility Can't Return To Politics

Comrade Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: Defeating Nazis Is My Blueprint To Defeating Global Warming

Here's the tale of the city that had too much money. Vancouver was the first place to experience the tidal wave of Chinese cash. Now the city is leading efforts to stop it.

Medicaid expansion has been a disaster for taxpayers and working families.

Ezra Klein: How does McKinsey justify helping authoritarian regimes identify dissidents to target?

Vox's Ezra Klein asks an important question. It would be kind of like GE working with the Saudis and funding Ezra Klein via Vox.

Karl Marx thought market competition would drive down profits, thus necessitating ever greater exploitation of workers. But in fact, real average global income per person rose by factor of 10 over the last 200 hundred years.

Overlooked: Trump approval higher than Obama’s before the 2010 midterms.

65.2% of jobs in Sin City could be automated

The incredibly high cost of construction and more open attacks against Prop 13. California housing takes a turn.

Dr. Housing Bubble

The Democrats' midterm strategy hinges on getting young people to the polls

Marijuana's effects linger for 24 hours

"As identity politics and victimhood become the party’s defining signals of virtue, it’s only natural that some white people want part of a more in-demand cultural identity,"

Fear of a Black Continent .Why European elites are worrying about African babies.

The New York Times

Jonah Goldberg: The Impact of Populism & Nationalism on American Democracy

For Trump, Democrats aren’t just rivals, they are direct threats to America

The Boston Globe is upset with Donald Trump...

‘Black vote is X factor’ to beat Trump in US midterm elections

Vox : Get your flu shot

Twitter employee may have spied on users for Saudis, says report

Conservatives say Facebook and YouTube are hostile to their views. So groups like the NRA and pro-Trump PAC Great America created their own apps that deliver curated partisan messages.

Eight common ticket & traffic law myths, debunked

100 websites that shaped the internet as we know it

Caravan migrants in limbo as UN, Mexico negotiate

A small all-black high school football team has started kneeling during the national anthem at their games. They say they are protesting against police brutality — both what they see on social media and what they've faced in their lives.


The Daily Caller

Asian immigrants are underrepresented on TV despite being fastest growing immigrant population.

Union comes out against commercial-rent-control bill. Powerful groups are on both sides of the proposal to give tenants the right to a lease renewal and arbitration.

Crain's New York Business reports:
A large service workers union plans to testify against the City Council's commercial-rent-control bill next week.

The legislation would give commercial tenants the right to a lease renewal, and, if a tenant and landlord can't agree on a price, arbitration would be used to set the rent. The proposed legislation is coming up for what is sure to be a raucous hearing Monday. The measure is intended to help small-business owners, but the union umbrella group, 32BJ, said that it opposes the measure because it would help corporate tenants, lead to dwindling income for building owners, who then might be dissuaded from hiring union workers.

"It would be a terrible unintended consequence of this bill if restrictions on commercial rents were to stand in the way of workers unionizing," Denis Johnson, vice president of 32BJ, said in a statement.

The union, which counts janitors, security officers, window cleaners, doormen and porters among its members, joins an unlikely roster of allies, led by the Real Estate Board of New York, lining up against the measure. Numerous commercial brokerages; groups representing multifamily-home, co-op and condo owners; business improvement districts; and a trade group representing affordable-housing developers are among those who plan to testify in opposition to the bill, according to the board. In general, the groups believe the legislation would take away landlords' rights to choose tenants and negotiate rents. But their foes are amassing powerful political forces of their own.
Imagine that!

Do you speak Telugu? Welcome to America

5 charged with armed carjacking of off-duty CPD detective

: On airplanes, personal space is a vanishing commodity

Mexico opens border to women and children from migrant caravan

Since Every TV Show Seems To Be Getting A Reboot, Do You Think These Ones Should?

Elizabeth Warren can't "out-Trump" the president, only Michael Avenatti can, MSNBC panelists say

Top 3% of U.S. taxpayers paid majority of income taxes in 2016

74-year-old New York man arrested for murder threats against two senators over Kavanaugh confirmation

Meet Dr. Priscilla Chan -- the woman leading what may turn out to be the biggest change agent in Silicon Valley. Here's why she and her husband, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, have committed 99% of their wealth to the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative

In 2016, homeschoolers numbered nearly 2 million, compared with just 850,000 in 1999.

One man is 80. The other is 67. They didn't expect the website they created as a fun side project to become caught up in a debate over criminal investigations and genetic privacy. “I feel like I’m on a high-speed ride with no way to steer," one said.

Migrant caravan: Desperate members illegally cross into Mexico

Election 2018: Is the ‘Wave’ Turning Red?

The American Spectator

Powerball jackpot rises to $620 million, third-largest in game's history

5 steps to changing your mindset about failure

iPhone battery replacement: Here are your options

The 14 best USB and USB-C hubs

The housing situation is so dire that San Jose is considering turning schools into teacher housing

The San Jose Mercury News

L.A. Dodgers head to the world series for second straight year

A top Russian diplomat says Trump's intention to withdraw from a landmark treaty on nuclear weapons is a perilous move.

Millennials are doing something else that's different than their parents: They're staying married

Elizabeth Warren stands by DNA Test indicating Native American heritage

Trump Administration Eyes Defining Transgender Out of Existence

iPhone XR early presale demand and the next Apple event is Oct. 30th

Is it possible to have work-life balance?

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