Thursday, March 30, 2017

How The Free Market Invented Time... The Railroads Invented Time Zones in 1883.

Time and Date explains about the free market invented time:
American railroads maintained many different time zones during the late 1800s. Each train station set its own clock making it difficult to coordinate train schedules and confusing passengers. Time calculation became a serious problem for people traveling by train (sometimes hundreds of miles in a day), according to the Library of Congress. Every city in the United States used a different time standard, so there were more than 300 local sun-times to choose from. Railroad managers tried to address the problem by establishing 100 railroad time zones, but this was only a partial solution to the problem.

Operators of the new railroad lines needed a new time plan that would offer a uniform train schedule for departures and arrivals. Four standard time zones for the continental United States were introduced on November 18, 1883
. explains the miracle of the free market:
Efficient rail transportation demanded a more uniform time-keeping system. Rather than turning to the federal governments of the United States and Canada to create a North American system of time zones, the powerful railroad companies took it upon themselves to create a new time code system. The companies agreed to divide the continent into four time zones; the dividing lines adopted were very close to the ones we still use today.

Most Americans and Canadians quickly embraced their new time zones, since railroads were often their lifeblood and main link with the rest of the world. However, it was not until 1918 that Congress officially adopted the railroad time zones and put them under the supervision of the Interstate Commerce Commission
The miracle of voluntary cooperation.

Is Support for Big Government on the Grow?

Rasmussen reports:
Most voters still think government is too big and too expensive, but most Democrats now disagree.

The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey shows that 52% of Likely U.S. Voters favor a smaller government with fewer services and lower taxes over a more active one with more services and higher taxes. Thirty-six percent (36%) prefer a bigger government instead. Twelve percent (12%) are undecided.
Support for coercion in the news.

HarperCollins Imprint Set to Publish a Children’s Book About Santa Being in a Gay Interracial Relationship

Prison Planet

California officials, insurers: Health care ‘an ongoing battle’

The San Francisco Chronicle reports:
Buoyed by Congress’ failed attempt last week to replace the Affordable Care Act, California officials, health advocates and insurance executives are pressing forward on a new phase of resistance against GOP efforts to weaken the health care law.

California Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones sent a letter Wednesday to the White House and Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price, urging the administration to enforce the law.

He and other supporters of the act are lobbying the administration and California’s 14 congressional Republicans to preserve two components they consider critical. Those are the individual mandate — the requirement to buy health insurance or face a tax penalty — and subsidies that help poorer Americans afford health care costs.

The great moments of the rent-seeking society!

A plan to repeal AND replace Obamacare? Yes, we have that right here.

Is There a Case for Bearishness? (Are We Always Bearish?)

Internet users raise funds to buy lawmakers' browsing histories in protest

The Hill

Immigrant from Singapore still in federal custody, despite judge's ruling in favor of asylum.

Chris Matthews: Ivanka Trump Scares Me

Energy Dept. tells employees to stop using the phrase "climate change": report

Chris Matthews: Ivanka Trump Scares Me

The Brion McClanahan Show Episode 68: War Before Civilization

John Podesta slaps the Daily Caller with a cease-and-desist letter

The Washington Examiner reports:
John Podesta slapped the Daily Caller with a cease-and-desist letter on Wednesday after the conservative news outlet published a story about the former Clinton campaign chairman and Obama counselor.

The letter sent to publisher Neil Patel by Podesta's counsel, Marc Elias, singles out a March 26 article titled, "EXCLUSIVE: John Podesta May Have Violated Federal Law By Not Disclosing 75,000 Stock Shares." In it, reporter Richard Pollock wrote that Podesta "may have violated federal law by failing to disclose the receipt of 75,000 shares of stock from a Kremlin-financed company when he joined the Obama White House in 2014."

Elias said the article is "as you know, entirely false." He said that Podesta did nothing wrong, despite numerous assertions in the article indicating otherwise.
Stay tuned.

Emanuel introduces ID plan for undocumented immigrants

The Chicago Tribune

New York Times to Trump: ‘We did not apologize’

Tufts nurses union authorizes one-day strike

A "dreamer" posted a selfie with her tax return. Then came the trolls.

Mexican attorney general faces drug trafficking charges after San Diego arrest

Do YOU believe in true love? It may be killing your sex life

Supreme Court to decide whether religious hospitals should be considered part of church

Amazon dives deeper into tech to go after Walmart

Fox News

It took two people months to design Hillary Clinton’s silly logo

Dem senator: Democrats willing to negotiate on healthcare if Obamacare repeal isn't an option

Some of the biggest tech stocks in the world have been outpaced by… Domino’s Pizza

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