Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Movie Claims ‘Freedom’ Is Never Mentioned In The Constitution.

Planet Fitness Bans Woman For Refusing To Share Locker Room With Transgender Man

(Video) Can You Name a Country?

(Photo) Soros Funded Neera Tanden Is Pictured Near Anti- Gay Sign

Neera Tanden, Soros funded boss of the Center For American Progress, is seen near anti-gay sign.....

Flashback 2000: When The Democratic Socialists of America Honored Jan Schakowsky For Promoting Socialism

House Democrats have finalized their campaign slogan heading into the last months before the midterm election: “For the People”

House Democrats vote 'present' on resolution supporting ICE

The Washington Examiner

Professor Gordon S. Wood: "Adams, Jefferson, and American Constitutionalism"

Leftist Haunting Fear..... Anti-abortion ballot initiatives in Alabama and West Virginia offer a preview of our post-Roe future.

Immigration rises to the top of the list when Americans are asked to name the most important problem...

Comrade Sanders and Comrade Cortez to Invade Kansas to Promote Other Socialist Candidates..

California Supreme Court blocks ballot measure to divide state into three

The Hill

77 Times Barack Obama Was Totally Wrong

Starbucks Bans Plastic Straws, Winds Up Using More Plastic

Are Whites Being Discriminated in Employment at The Post Office ? The Workforce That Doesn't Resemble America...

Why doesn't USPS look like America? Are whites being discriminated against in employment ? What's the " disparate impact" of this???

“Millennials are pretty reliable Democrats, but unreliable voters.”

Dem Minnesota Rep. Keith Ellison, deputy chair of DNC, claimed today that America’s national borders create “an injustice” by keeping Mexican workers from traveling to the United States to look for higher-paying

"[A] 2010 report from U.S. Civil Rights Commission concluded that African American men are 'more likely to be in labor competition with immigrants' ... "Blind Support For Unfettered Immigration Seems At Odds With Democrats' Policy Priorities."

Lawmakers are considering major changes to your 401(k) plan

The anger on the left has resulted in nearly 150% more women putting themselves forward for election in 2018 compared to 2016

Republicans move to kill carbon tax before it gains steam

Facebook attacks on Trump by Democrats up 450%

In Breaking News Report MSNBC Exposes Russia-Linked Twitter Account... Not Knowing It's a Parody Account

eBay chops hundreds of Bay Area jobs

The San Jose Mercury News reports:
eBay has decided to eliminate nearly 300 Bay Area jobs, including more than 200 in San Jose, the company has told a state labor agency.

The job cuts are due to be completed by July 20, eBay stated in notices to the state’s Employment Development Department. Affected employees were notified in the final week of June.

“eBay will conduct a mass layoff,” Amir Vonsover, an eBay employment counsel, wrote in a notice to the EDD.

The job cuts were planned for eBay sites in San Jose, San Francisco and Brisbane, the EDD filing disclosed. They include cuts at the company’s headquarters on Hamilton Avenue in San Jose.

The specific sites affected are 2525 N. First St. and 2145 Hamilton Ave., both in San Jose; 199 Fremont St. in San Francisco; and 8000 Marina Blvd. in Brisbane.

San Jose-based eBay estimated that it would eliminate 224 jobs in San Jose, 41 in San Francisco and five in Brisbane.

“This action is expected to be permanent,” eBay stated in the EDD filing. “No affected employee has any bumping rights.”

Over the one-year period that ended in March, eBay lost $1.64 billion on revenues of $9.84 billion, according to information posted on the Yahoo Finance site.
Blue state blues.....

MSNBC Leaves Bubble, Talks To Trump Voters, Finds Out Trump Still Has Strong Support

The Biggest Spender of Political Ads on Facebook? President Trump

The New York Times

Men and women wait nine months before passing gas in the presence of a lover

'Migration Is Not a Fundamental Human Right' -- Breitbart Interviews Hungarian FM Péter Szijjártó

Socialists and Other Grotesque Ingrates | Thomas E. Woods, Jr.

More doctors and hospitals are suing patients for negative comments the patients put online

Luxury London homes being sold in bulk as demand drops

George Soros calls Obama 'greatest disappointment,' says he doesn't 'particularly want to be a Democrat'

In ‘Historic’ Ruling, US Judge Finds Jews Entitled to Race-Based Civil Rights Protections: A federal judge found on Friday that Jewish people are entitled to protection from race-based employment discrimination under the Civil Rights Act of 1964, marking…

Almost 100 Muslim-Americans have filed to run for federal or state offices in the current election cycle

"He touched me again inside the van, and my hands were tied. And he started masturbating.” Thousands of migrants have said they were sexually abused while in the custody of ICE in the past 10 years.

The NYT implies America is a bad place for illegal aliens !

Oregon anti-sanctuary initiative qualifies for November ballot

Is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Really the Future of the Democratic Party?

Brutal bear market for bitcoin doesn’t stop record inflows to this digital asset firm

Israeli Forces Tell Syrians At Border To Turn Around

Media Analyst Mark Dice: CNN Is Losing The War On Free Speech

Simple Exercises To Help Reverse Damage Caused From Excessive Sitting

Collective Evolution

Lieberman slams Comrade Ocasio-Cortez, urges voters to pick Joe Crowley

Tim Tebow shares the simple quality that makes people instantly like you

With its new lineup of funded news shows, Facebook sure does look like a media company

Trump’s Trade War May Spark a Chinese Debt Crisis


Obama "Surprised" At The $20 Million He Made In Washington

Lawsuit Says Migrants Were Subjected To Dirty Detention Facilities, Bad Food And Water

4 blue states sue Washington over GOP tax overhaul

AP reports:
New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Maryland sued the federal government over the Republican-led tax overhaul Tuesday, alleging the new law championed by President Donald Trump unfairly singles out high-tax blue states.

The lawsuit, filed in the Southern District of New York, was dismissed as a long-shot political stunt by supporters of the new tax code, but New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said it is a practical act of self-defense against an adversarial federal government. The challenge alleges that lawmakers crafted the new tax code to target left-leaning states and interferes with their constitutionally granted taxing authority.

“This is their political attempt to hurt Democratic states,” said Cuomo, a Democrat who is considered a possible White House contender in 2020. “It’s totally repugnant.”

The tax law passed by Congressional Republicans and signed into law last year by Trump caps a deduction for state and local taxes at $10,000. The deduction was especially popular in high-tax, Democratic states, where many homeowners will see big increases in their federal tax bill. New York estimates that taxpayers will pay $14 billion more in 2018.
The struggles of Blue America..............

Maryland Democrats Shocked to Learn Single-Payer Is Expensive

Take A Look At This Washington School District’s Special Education Violations

Only one metro area in the U.S. ranks as "less affordable" than Honolulu, Hawaii

This Robot cooks and assembles burgers in 5 minutes at this new San Francisco restaurant

Amazon's Prime Day evolves from rummage sale to must-shop event

Single Payer Program For Maryland Would Cost At Least $24

The Baltimore Sun

In many countries the top marginal tax rate on incomes declined – often quite strongly – over the last decades. In the 1970s rates of over 70% and up to almost 90% (in South Korea and Sweden) were quite common.

Fewer than half of the country’s rural counties still have a hospital that offers any obstetric care, researchers estimate

New York attorney general candidate Zephyr Teachout is ready to bring state charges if Trump issues an obstructive pardon

An early end to tariff tensions could reignite selling in the bond market

Democrats call on President Trump's interpreter from his meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin to testify before Congress

Jeremy Corbyn was branded an "anti-Semite and a "racist" during a House of Commons confrontation with a senior Labour MP

Rosenstein Confirms DNC Server Was Not Hacked – Emails Were Obtained Through “Spear Phishing” Scam

'Waterfall' cascades onto platform at New York train station as severe weather causes flooding across the city's subway system.

What's this? Special Counsel Robert Mueller helped push the WMD lie which led to invasion of Iraq?

Leading Hispanic Advocacy Organization Releases Statement Supporting Brett Kavanaugh’s Nomination

Bernanke warns against reading wrong yield curve signal

A U.S. college education costs 297% more now than it did in 1979. Meanwhile, a Happy Meal costs 40% less. The first is subsidized; the second isn't.

New technology can collect 10 to 80 times more cancer cells than today’s standard blood tests

Netanyahu has been helping Hungary's controversial nationalist prime minister Viktor Orban improve relations with the Trump White House

No winner Tuesday means Mega Millions jackpot soars to $422 million

Florida Today

Trump-Backed Republican Rep. Roby Wins District Runoff

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