Thursday, December 18, 2014

Should All Women On Campus Be Allowed to Openly Carry A Handgun Since President Obama Claims There's A Rape Epidemic ? Are You Pro-Rape If You Want to Deny Women Their Constitutional Right to Defend Themselves Against A Rape Culture While They Are Attempting to Get An Education?

Questions for Barack Obama, Joe Biden, and all "progressives" on campus. Should all women on campus be allowed to openly carry a handgun since President Obama claims there's a rape epidemic ? Are you pro-rape if you want to deny women their constitutional right to defend themselves against a rape culture? Who could be against the sight of a woman , on campus, openly carrying a handgun? Someone who doesn't care about a woman's safety? Are those tenured professors , on campus, who are against handguns "enablers" of a rape culture against women? Should Congress hold hearings on this subject?