Tuesday, March 25, 2014

National Hispanic University Announces It's Closing in 2015: Will Big Education Lobby Blame Professor Glenn Reynold's Book or the Koch Brothers?

Latin Post reports:
America's first full-term, accredited university focused specifically on Latinos will close its doors at the end of the academic calendar next year. The National Hispanic University in San Jose, Calif. announced on Thursday that its run is over, after recent online initiatives failed to improve its finances.

The board of directors for the National Hispanic University (NHU) posted a notice on the university's website announcing the grim news
No word yet on whether Professor Glenn Reynolds' book will be blamed for the university shutting down. Also , no word on whether Harry Reid will blame the Koch brothers on this situation. Did National Hispanic University make a mistake for not hiring Harry Reid's son or son-in-law to lobby the federal government for more money??