Friday, January 14, 2022

Ald. Burke was secretly videotaped inside his City Hall offices as part of federal corruption probe

The Chicago Sun-Times reports:
Ald. Edward M. Burke was videotaped inside his City Hall offices as part of the blockbuster investigation that led to his federal racketeering indictment nearly three years ago, court records made public Friday reveal.
There's more:
Federal prosecutors publicly filed the 160-page affidavit from an FBI special agent used to seek permission in late 2018 to raid Burke’s City Hall and ward offices — the move that first made public the feds’ aggressive, ongoing investigation into public corruption in Chicago. More than three years later, much of the detail in the document has already come to light. It is also heavily redacted. For example, one page begins with the sentence, “The FBI has been conducting an investigation of public corruption in the Chicago area.” Everything else on the page is redacted, save for a reference to a Chicago alderman.
The FBI interested in the Chicago area... Here' s more from The Chicago Tribune.