Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Radical Socialist Seattle City Council Member Comrade Kshama Sawant : “Jeff Bezos is our enemy.”

The Seattle Times reports on radical socialist Comrade Kshama Sawant:
I was all set to give the Seattle City Council some credit today for doing one of the harder things in the human experience: admitting to a mistake.

Then I listened to council members.

Tuesday’s circus of a council hearing, at which the city backtracked on its misguided $275 per worker head tax, could best be described as a finger-pointing blame-fest. About everybody in Seattle was to blame for this humiliating political debacle, as it turns out. Except them.

Some on the council blamed “big business,” which was predictable. A few called out Amazon in particular. Kshama Sawant got the most personal about this, as is her specialty, bluntly declaring that, “Jeff Bezos is our enemy.”
If you believe in property rights and the U.S. Constitution you know who your enemy is... Comrade Sawant.