Saturday, January 13, 2018

David Gregory's Wife to The Rescue . Harold E. Ford Jr. Lawyers Up Against Morgan Stanley Firing.

The New York Times reports:
Late last year, Morgan Stanley got a tip: Reporters were asking about allegations that a high-profile executive, the former congressman Harold E. Ford Jr., had harassed a female journalist.

Morgan Stanley conducted a quick investigation, interviewing the accuser and Mr. Ford, who denied the allegations. According to Morgan Stanley officials briefed on the internal process, the Wall Street bank concluded that it was a he-said, she-said situation and didn’t find proof of harassment.

Then Morgan Stanley fired Mr. Ford.
There's more:
“After more than 20 years of building a reputation working hard in the public and private sectors, all it took was one false claim to cost me my job and the ability to walk my kids to school without getting accusatory stares on the street,” Mr. Ford, 47, said.

“Morgan Stanley fired him, and defamed him, without ever figuring out what happened,” said Beth Wilkinson, one of his lawyers.
The Beth Wilkinson , wife of CNN's David Gregory, in the news.....