Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Trump can alter the Employer Mandate in ObamaCare by Executive Order

We wrote this one for Canada Free Press :
There is nothing to stop President Trump from signing an Executive Order that defines a “full time employee” as the Department of Labor did before the Affordable Health Care for America Act went into effect—40 hours of work a week.

For much of the 20th Century, this was the standard definition of a full time job in America. And, most Americans still consider a 40 hour work week as the standard measure of full time employment.

The Obama regime dialed down the definition of full time employment to 30 hours because they knew many employers, particularly smaller firms, did not want to provide health insurance at work.

But, and this is the crucial point, there’s absolutely nothing in the ObamaCare law that prevents President Trump from changing back the definition of full time employment to 40 hours as week.

Oh, there would be howls of protest from Democrat Senators like Dick Durbin (IL) and Chuck Schumer (NY), but, in response, President Trump can remind them that he could, if he wished, define a full time employee as someone working 168 hours a week. There are, after all, 168 hours in a week.
It would be too bad if ObamaCare supporters saw President Trump define a part time worker as someone who works less than 168 hours a week.