Sunday, August 06, 2017

Teachers Union Promotes Racial Quotas in Hiring Teachers

AFT reports:
Public schools are supposed to serve all students equally, regardless of race, creed or culture, so when research shows that children of color could benefit academically if they have teachers who look like them, we need to make sure they get the teachers they need.

But it’s not so easy: In the midst of a widespread teacher shortage, teachers of color are even scarcer. When they do make it into the classroom, they leave the profession at higher rates than white teachers do. The result is that children of color have mostly white teachers; for example, in 2011, 48 percent of public school students were children of color but a disproportionate 82 percent of their teachers were white (National Center for Education Statistics).

In a new report, “Union Role in Diversifying the Educator Workforce,” the American Federation of Teachers describes the urgent need to recruit and retain more black and brown people to teach our children.
No equal protection under the law for you!