Monday, July 17, 2017

Racist emails show Chicago official joked about 'safari' tour to see violence in black neighborhoods

The Chicago Tribune reports:
In a city scarred by a deep and troubling history with guns, a supervisor in the scandal-plagued water department used his city email account to negotiate firearms deals and make light of deadly Fourth of July violence in black neighborhoods by offering "Chicago Safari" tours, a new watchdog report revealed Monday.

Ousted district water superintendent Paul Hansen, who is white, emailed with individuals over personal purchases or sales of at least four firearms and five cars, according to the report from Inspector General Joseph Ferguson. Hansen's emails about gun deals started the investigation over his use of a government email account for personal business, which is against city rules. And it quickly spread to other Hansen emails and to other water department bosses, according to City Hall sources.
Chicago: the progressive city of one party rule since 1931.