Sunday, July 16, 2017

Miami Beach teens will no longer perform with Roger Waters due to anti-Israel controversy

The Miami Herald reports:
Teenagers slated to perform alongside Pink Floyd star Roger Waters have backed out of the event amid accusations of anti-Semitism against the band’s co-founder.

Twelve members of a Miami Beach Parks summer program were supposed to have a dress rehearsal with the band, receive autographed photos, sit in the orchestra pit for the show and perform “Another Brick in the Wall (Part II)” on stage alongside Waters.

The singer selected the 12 teens from Ayuda Miami’s T.A.L.L. (Teens Are Life Long Learners) program and the Teen Club Miami Beach to join him onstage.

In a statement Thursday afternoon, however, Miami Beach spokeswoman Melissa Berthier said the teenagers would no longer be participating.

From the statement: “Miami Beach is a culturally diverse community and does not tolerate any form of hate.”
Imagine that.