Thursday, July 13, 2017

Harvard panel recommends barring students from final clubs

The Boston Globe reports:
Harvard University students would be forbidden from joining elite, off-campus clubs under a proposal made public Wednesday, upending more than 100 years of college tradition.

The policy applies to all “private, exclusionary social organizations” but the committee acknowledged its main target are seven all-male final clubs, many of which have wealthy endowments and own off-campus mansions in Harvard Square.

Harvard wants to “phase out” the final clubs, as well as sororities and fraternities, beginning in the fall of 2018, according to a plan compiled by a faculty committee after months of deliberation and research. Students who joined such organizations could be expelled or suspended.

Harvard president Drew Faust will ultimately decide whether the policy will be adopted. She had no public comment Wednesday.
Political correctness is about to destroy more of what's left of Harvard.