Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Democrats At FEC Keep Accepting Foreign-Funded Trips

The Daily Caller reports:
Democrats on America’s top election oversight agency have regularly accepted lavish junkets funded by foreign governments and organizations.

Since 2002, the Federal Election Commission’s three Democratic members took at least 50 official trips during their combined time serving on the agency, according to documents obtained from public records and Freedom of Information Act requests. Expenses related to the trips were paid by a combination of foreign groups, governments, and by U.S. taxpayers through the agency’s own budget.

According to the records, which come from the Office of Governmental Ethics and FEC records published by The Hill’s Rudy Takala, none of the FEC’s three Republican commissioners have ever taken a single agency-related international trip while serving on the commission.

Democratic Commissioner Ellen Weintraub, who has engaged in more sponsored trips than any of her colleagues, sought last month to stoke fears over the influence that she said foreign money could have had on the 2016 election, claiming that Russia might have bought ads on Facebook aimed at influencing the American electorate.
Imagine that.