Friday, June 16, 2017

Trump announces revisions to parts of Obama’s Cuba policy

The Washington Post reports:
President Trump announced a new policy toward Cuba Friday that seeks to prohibit commercial dealings that benefit the Castro regime and somewhat limits the freedom of U.S. citizens to travel to the island, but leaves in place many changes implemented by his predecessor.

In a speech delivered in the heart of Miami’s Little Havana, where an older generation of Cuban Americans has long objected to normalization of relations with the communist government of President Raúl Castro, Trump declared an end to what the White House has characterized as the Obama administration’s policy of “appeasement.”

“With God’s help a free Cuba is what we will soon achieve,” Trump, accompanied by Vice President Pence, said at the Manuel Artime Theater, a highly symbolic venue named after a leader of the Bay of Pigs exile invasion of Cuba in 1961, a failed U.S.-backed attempt to overthrow the revolutionary government of Fidel Castro.

“We will not be silenced in the face of Communist oppression any longer,” Trump said. “Last year, I promised to be a voice against repression... and a voice for the freedom of the Cuban people. You heard that pledge... and here I am.”
No word yet on this story from Comrade Castro and his friend Comrade Obama.