Thursday, June 01, 2017

Three BART janitors swept up $365,000 in OT last year

The San Jose Mercury News reports:
Giving new meaning to the term “filthy rich,” three BART janitors racked up a combined $365,000 in overtime pay last year by cleaning up some of the system’s grungiest stations in downtown San Francisco.

The OT more than doubled the regular pay in 2016 for custodians Liang Zhao Zhang, who chalked up $125,573 in overtime pay, and Gapo Chan, who received $125,254 for extra hours, newly released records show. The third worker, Yui Fai Ko, pulled in $115,007 in overtime.

Together, they worked a combined 7,900 hours of overtime at a cost equivalent to nearly 53,000 round-trip BART rides between downtown Oakland and San Francisco’s Financial District.
Who says public sector work isn't lucrative?