Thursday, June 22, 2017

Often Wrong Matt Yglesias, Democrat Party Operative At Vox, Has New Prediction: The overall message of 2017 special elections is that Republicans are in trouble

The often wrong Democrat party operative , at Vox, Matt Yglesias reports:
Rank-and-file Democrats are, reasonably, disappointed with a loss in what seemed to be a winnable special election in Georgia. Even my colleague Andrew Prokop warns that Democrats shouldn’t “sugarcoat” the result, which is “bad news” for the party.

But step back from the specifics of the race and look at all four special elections in red districts held since Donald Trump’s election, and a more optimistic story emerges. Democrats have successfully transferred Hillary Clinton’s gains in well-educated districts to their down-ballot candidates, even while succeeding in making up some of the ground she lost in white working-class ones.
The amazing Matt Yglesias, because Vox has talented people working very hard to explain things to you ! Even prediction challenged Matt Yglesias deserves a participation trophy for his lifetime efforts.