Friday, June 16, 2017

Memo Outlines Education Dept. Plans to Scale Back Civil-Rights Efforts

The Chronicle of Higher Education reports:
The U.S. Department of Education plans to weaken requirements for investigating civil-rights complaints, ProPublica reports.

Candice Jackson, the department’s acting assistant secretary for civil rights, announced the changes in a memo sent to her staff on June 8. “Effective immediately, there is no mandate that any one type of complaint is automatically treated differently than any other type of complaint with respect to the scope of the investigation, the type or amount of data needed to conduct the investigation, or the amount or type of review or oversight needed over the investigation by headquarters,” she wrote.
There's more:
Catherine E. Lhamon, the department’s civil-rights chief under President Barack Obama, told ProPublica that the changes were “stunning” and “dangerous,” and said they could threaten the department’s mission.
Leftist hysteria. It would be too bad for the leftists on campus is the Department of Education, in the name of the 14th Amendment, vigorously applied the Bill of Rights to all individuals (on campus) in higher education today.