Friday, June 02, 2017

Leftist Jewish Leaders Statement Against Attacks on Linda Sarsour

Medium reports on Jewish leaders who aren't too bright :
We are members of the Jewish community from a range of backgrounds, experiences, and political perspectives who are committed to a country and world rooted in justice and dignity for all. It is in the service of this commitment that we condemn the recent attacks on and threats to Linda Sarsour.

These attacks are dangerous, disingenuous and counterproductive, undermining core Jewish values of compassion, humility and human dignity.

We may not agree with Sarsour on all matters. We do not offer our stamp of approval to every tweet or message she has ever posted. But in this time, when so many marginalized communities in our country are targeted on the streets and from the highest offices of government, we are committed to bridging communal boundaries and standing in solidarity with one another. With Sarsour and others, we work as allies on issues of shared concern and respectfully disagree when our views diverge.
Jewish leaders who like Linda Sarsour more than ... a lot of people.