Friday, June 02, 2017

Leftist Boston Globe Upset Certain Minorities Groups Can't Meet Current Standards to Get Into Elite School

The Boston Globe reports:
The city is trying to improve racial diversity at Boston Latin School, but it’s keeping one hand tied behind its back. Not surprisingly, the results so far have been disappointing: Despite stepped-up efforts to help prepare black and Latino students for the school’s entrance exam, this year’s incoming class of seventh-graders is still overwhelmingly white and Asian. The class is only 8 percent black and 14 percent Hispanic, compared to 31.8 percent and 41.8 percent in the district’s student body as a whole.

Moving the needle in a more dramatic way will require the city to confront a delicate political issue: reforming the school’s entrance requirements. Admission to the “crown jewel” of the Boston Public Schools is based on grades and test scores, a system that has some fierce defenders among parents and alumni. Changing that admissions policy appears to be a third rail in Boston politics: When word got out last year that a working group was simply looking at changes, Mayor Walsh quashed the idea. “I don’t think it’s the right time to be talking about it,” he said.
Socialists are upset with real world outcomes.