Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Grocers fear lost business with Cook County beverage tax

The Chicago Tribune reports:
An tax increase to take effect July 1 on sweetened beverages in Cook County is leaving a bad taste in the mouth's of some retailers.

"We're strongly against this tax because it will hurt our business," said Vince Gambino, vice president of sales for Tony's Finer Foods Fresh Market, which owns and operates 15 supermarkets, 13 of which are in Cook County, including one in Countryside. "If we have four 12 packs on sale for $10, that now is going to be four for $15.76, which is absolutely ridiculous."
There's more:
Along with increased prices for many beverages purchased at retail stores, the new tax also will add to the bills for beverages purchased at restaurants.

The Cook County ordinance assessing the tax states it's being implemented in an effort to promote public health, including lowered obesity rates. But even Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle has said there's more to the picture for a tax that is expected to bring in an additional $224 million a year.
It will be interesting to see if they actually collect that much revenue .....