Monday, June 19, 2017

Gov. Rick Scott: 'Connecticut Simply Cannot Compete' With Florida

The Hartford Courant reports:
As Connecticut reels from the expected departure of another corporate headquarters, Florida Gov. Rick Scott came to the state Monday in an effort to lure companies and jobs to his state.

"My pitch is you should give up, capitulate, come to Florida and make it easier on yourselves," Scott told an audience that included Republican state legislators who welcomed Gov. Scott to Connecticut on his recruiting mission.

"Connecticut leaders are out of touch with business," Scott said in a statement released by his office. "Governor Malloy's administration has been trying, and failing, to tackle a budget deficit with an overwhelming collection of increased taxes and fees. Their job growth rate continues to lag far behind Florida and the nation, and Connecticut has lost more adjusted gross income and people to Florida than any other state in the nation.

"With more than 1.35 million new jobs, an unemployment rate at a nearly 10-year low and a job growth rate that has exceeded the nation's for more than five consecutive years, there is no better place to grow a business than Florida,'' said Scott, who came to Connecticut Monday on "an economic development" mission.
Check out Connecticut's laughable reply:
"The truth is, no amount of money or effort will make up for the fact that Gov Scott is leading his state in the wrong direction. We are happy to host Mr Scott to show him a better way to serve his state, but if he's expecting anyone in Connecticut to buy what he's selling, he's better off saving his taxpayers the cost of the trip and staying home."
Florida does seem to be getting a lot of wealthy "former" Connecticut residents! The Connecticut exodus is real.