Friday, June 23, 2017

Georgia sees huge drop in people on food stamps

AJC reports:
Georgia is seeing a significant decrease in the number of people receiving food stamps as the improving economy lifts many recipients into new jobs and frees them from the fear of going hungry.

The number of Georgians getting food stamps has dropped by 300,000 from 1.9 million in April 2013 to 1.6 million. That decrease of 16 percent in the federally funded program saves taxpayers tens of millions of dollars monthly.

That may sound great, but it’s also fueling a passionate debate about which people should get food stamps and for how long. Here in Georgia, unemployment has dropped to pre-recession levels. But Georgia’s food stamp program, despite the decrease, would have to lose another 692,115 people to reach its 2007 level of participation.

The fact that food stamp use has remained relatively high, while the economy has largely rebounded from the recession, makes some believe that many food stamp recipients are taking advantage of the system.
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