Thursday, June 29, 2017

Emotionally Unstable Keith Olbermann Calls for General Strike; Trump Arrest

Newsbusters reports:
Keith Olbermann has recently made public his grievances with media bias on Trump, but don’t get too excited because his nutty argument is that the liberal press is not going far enough in exposing “the worst set of crimes in American history.”

Olbermann began his regular GQ web show in the way you would expect a wildly discredited left-wing mouthpiece would, by asking why “this quote, "President," unquote, has not yet been removed and arrested.” After calling for the removal of the democratically elected head of state because of unproven allegations, Olbermann saw it fit to call Trump a “treasonous megalomaniac,” seemingly oblivious to the irony.
No word yet on whether Keith Olbermann should double his dosage if he's on medication.