Wednesday, May 17, 2017

‘Sexual paranoia’ author sued by same student who filed Title IX complaint against her

The College Fix reports:
They suggested she would get sued, and they were right.

Less than a month after Northwestern University philosophy students accused Prof. Laura Kipnis of breaking the law by writing a book on “sexual paranoia,” one of the philosophy students identified by pseudonym in Unwanted Advances has filed suit against her and publisher HarperCollins.

The same student filed a Title IX complaint against Kipnis for her Chronicle of Higher Education essay about sexual paranoia two years ago, which set the stage for Kipnis’s book about campus sex panics.

Both claim that Kipnis retaliated against rape victims by writing about the campus adjudication of sexual-assault claims against former Philosophy Prof. Peter Ludlow, first in her essay and now in her book.

According to the lawsuit, Kipnis’s description of the plaintiff – one of two students who accused Ludlow – was so revealing that she has been identified “within her academic and professional communities.”
We suggest Professor Kipnis sue the student for RICO to teach them a lesson on the law. Is this a massive conspiracy against Professor Kipnis' 1st and 14th Amendment rights to the U.S. Constitution ?