Sunday, April 16, 2017

Cal-Berkeley Instructor sends inflammatory Facebook message to conservative author

The Daily Californian reports:
Campus jazz trumpet instructor Ellen Seeling sent Mike Cernovich, a conservative author and media persona, a controversial Facebook message Friday in response to his denial that date rape exists.

Seeling sent a private Facebook message to Cernovich criticizing his statements regarding date rape, using many expletives. In October, Cernovich released a controversial article on his website discussing date rape that said “the entire concept of ‘date rape’ is damaging to men and women.”

“I think that you’re a prick who claims date rape doesn’t exist,” Seeling said in the Facebook message. “If yes, f*** you up the a** with a poisoned broomstick c***s***. We s*** in your mouth.”

Seeling said that last week she saw a screenshot of a tweet Cernovich made stating there’s no such thing as date rape. She then decided to message him privately.

“That really pissed me off,” Seeling said. “I am so tired of these rape advocates not having any repercussions for what they say. It was the last straw.”
Comrade Seeling appears to be angry.