Thursday, March 16, 2017

More Evidence EPA Uses ‘Secret Science’ To Manipulate Politics With Alternative Facts

The Federalist reports:
The Environmental Protection Agency and other activists have long used “secret science”—another way of saying fake science or junk science—to justify job-killing regulations, legislation, and massive tax-dollar expenditures.

Even as they lobbied against the confirmation of their new boss, EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt, 15,000 unionized EPA scientists, regulators, policy wonks, and attorneys have been using unverifiable, unrepeatable “scientific” studies to undermine the rights of property owners, businesses, and employees. Just ask coal miners or farmers with ponds on their land just how much they appreciate being “protected” by the EPA.

On several fronts, the EPA seems to be entering into an uncivil war with both congressional oversight committees and President Trump’s choice as EPA administrator. Not since President Reagan faced down the air traffic controllers union has a new president faced this kind of opposition. However, by using fake science to justify their onerous regulations, EPA’s rank and file have gone far beyond what the air traffic controllers tried when they grounded America’s airlines while striking for higher compensation.
Big government does need secrecy.