Saturday, February 11, 2017

Reports of raids shake Illegals

The Boston Globe reports:
In Austin, Texas, unauthorized women working in a laundromat cowered in the back of the room, petrified after seeing a video and a photograph of apprehensions outside a local grocery store and burger joint.

A day laborer and mechanic in Staten Island, New York, told his 17-year-old son where the list of emergency contacts were, including the name of the guardian who would take responsibility for him and his two younger siblings.

In Savannah, Georgia, unauthorized restaurant workers were asking for rides rather than walking home, afraid they might be stopped and questioned.

As reports of immigration raids and roundups have rocketed across Twitter, Facebook and texts around the country, unauthorized immigrants, their lawyers and advocacy groups are bracing for the ramped-up enforcement that President Donald Trump has called for.
Illegals feel the tension.