Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens signs 'right-to-work' into law

St. Louis Dispatch reports:
Gov. Eric Greitens signed “right-to-work” legislation into law on Monday, fulfilling a campaign promise that has been cheered by Republicans and the state’s business community.
There's more:
On Monday afternoon, Missouri AFL-CIO President Mike Louis and Missouri NAACP President Rod Chapel filed a petition with the secretary of state’s office that would to put right to work on the ballot.

Louis has previously filed petitions that would invalidate the law after it takes effect, but this petition is different — it’s a seldom-used tool that allows citizens to block legislation approved by lawmakers and the governor before it goes into effect.

Louis and Chapel would need the support of 5 percent of voters from two-thirds of Missouri’s congressional districts by Aug. 28 — the day the right-to-work law is to take effect.

If they’re successful, they will essentially force the issue to go before voters, and the law can’t take effect unless a majority of voters approve it in 2018.
Stay tuned. NRTW has this chart down below.