Thursday, January 05, 2017

The Chicago Outfit, Chicago police and the silence of consent. John Kass Asked to Leave Handhardt's Wake

John Kass reports:on the death of the Chicago Mob's top cop :
Gary Shapiro, the longtime first deputy U.S. attorney, now retired, explained.

"I've been involved in investigating organized crime cases in Chicago for the better part of 30 years, and a lot of that time has been involved in the investigation of Bill Hanhardt," Shapiro said after Hanhardt pleaded guilty. "Hanhardt for decades has been a corrupt policeman."

Years before, Shapiro went to City Hall to inform the politicians that Hanhardt shouldn't be promoted, because he was the Outfit's man.

Hanhardt was promoted.
There's more:
In the funeral home, along with the flowers there were news photos and copies of stories from the days when the Chicago media made him a hero.

A few family members asked me to be fair to the dead.

Then, a few feet from the coffin, a little guy came up, not that little guy from Grand Avenue, some other little guy.

"You should get outta here," said the little guy, putting on a show as if he were in a movie.

I told him not to touch me again.

"The family don't want a scene," he said.