Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Liberal Establishment Hysteria: Trump nominee would dismantle American public education

The Salt Lake Tribune has an op-ed from 7 status quo educrats:
Privatization trends demonstrate a divestment from our public education system. Yet, it is our shared investment in public education that propels the hope of a humane, civilized and productive society. Public education promotes the powerful possibility of equality and progress as children from all backgrounds learn to work across differences to succeed in contemporary America. To achieve these goals, we need a secretary of education who is dedicated to an inclusive model of rigorous education rather than a model that promotes segregation, sectarianism, exclusivity and elitism. Only public schools welcome and support, by law, every child. The DeVos model of education threatens the very essence of public education for the common good, which it is sanctioned to protect.

The heroic work of teachers deserves education leaders who respect the professional autonomy of teachers. Instead, we have a culturally accepted story, manufactured by the privatization agenda, that de-professionalizes teachers and blames them for the failed policies that were foisted upon them through government-sanctioned, privatization mandates.
The John Dewey mindset on defense.