Saturday, January 07, 2017

Kentucky Senate Passes Right to Work Legislation. Governor has pledged to make commonwealth 27th right to work state.

The Washington Free Beacon reports:
The Kentucky state Senate approved legislation to end coercive unionism on Saturday, a move that all but guarantees it will become the 27th right to work state in the country.

The state Senate voted 25-12 to pass right to work, which bars making union membership a condition of employment. The law will allow workers in unionized shops the option to opt out of paying union dues without fear of losing their jobs.

The vote came two days after the House of Representatives approved the bill by a 58-39 vote. House Speaker Jeff Hoover led the fight to pass right to work in the opening days of the 2017 legislative calendar—the first time that the GOP has controlled the legislature in 95 years. He said that lawmakers saw right to work as an essential tool in boosting economic development in Kentucky,

“Kentucky is on the way to positioning itself as a national leader in job growth and economic attractiveness due to passage of critical Right to Work legislation,” Hoover told the Washington Free Beacon.
Towards a free market in labor , in Kentucky. Here's the map of right to work states.