Monday, January 09, 2017

Crisis and Legitimacy: The Fork in the Road For The Welfare State

Gary North reports:
Politics is a matter of imposing losses on the enemy. It is a matter of revenge. It is a matter of looting the public till. But when the public till is empty, then politics is mostly going to be about revenge. It is not going to be pretty.

The leaders of the future are going to come from out of nowhere. The existing batch of Washington leaders will be drowned in red ink. Everything will be about blaming the other side. But that will require answers, and neither side has any plausible answers. The public has no answers. The public wants something for nothing, and the public has been promised something for nothing.

Everyone kicks the can.

There is going to be a great re-thinking of what constitutes legitimate civil government. The problem today is simple to describe: there is virtually no organized political movement that is doing the necessary groundwork to rethink the issues of political legitimacy.
An article well worth your time.