Thursday, December 01, 2016

Trump could end the dream of many international students

CNBC reports:
American universities have long been recognized as top institutions to prepare for a career, attracting bright people from all over the world. But the dreams of many young people looking for the chance to study abroad could be dashed if Donald Trump follows through on his "America First" anti-immigration campaign promises.

In the last academic year, the number of international students attending U.S. universities broke new records, increasing 7 percent from the previous year and reaching one million for the first time, according to data released by the Institute of International Education. In total they represented 5 percent of the students in U.S. higher education.

According to Allan Goodman, president of the IIE, "international students are pragmatic and resilient" when choosing their university.

"The only time that the total number of international students coming to the United States actually dropped was for a brief period following 9/11, when there were specific policy shifts that affected student visas," Goodman told CNBC via email.

Remarks by President-elect Donald Trump on controlling immigration could dissuade overseas students and hit university numbers and revenues.
The CNBC campaign against Donald Trump continues.