Saturday, November 12, 2016

The Myth of Female Solidarity

The New York Times reports:
The dream of female solidarity is, and always has been, a myth.

Hillary Clinton’s campaign tried to tap into that dream. She dressed in white, evoking the suffragists and the hope of shattering the highest glass ceiling. She played up issues like child care and equal pay that polling showed had cross-party, cross-gender support. Her ads pounded away at Donald J. Trump’s misogyny, hoping to lure women who would be reminded of all they had suffered in their own lives.

Fifty-three percent of white women voted for Mr. Trump.
There's more
While Democrats have won some blue-collar white women in the past, in this election, class emerged as a powerful and divisive force that swung decisively Republican. All the talk about angry white men glossed over the fact that they were married to angry white women.

Education was the great divide, for women as for men. Mr. Trump won 62 percent of white women without college degrees; Mrs. Clinton, 34 percent.
Attention Democrat party: if you have quotas in hiring , someone has to lose and white women without a college degree don't like being picked on.