Friday, November 18, 2016

Tech firms have a lot to do to fix diversity . Liberal Media Upset that Tech Companies Doesn't Look Like America.

The Boston Globe reports:
In Massachusetts, black people make up only 3 percent of computer workers and Hispanic people account for 5 percent, while white people constitute 72 percent. Workers of Asian or Indian descent are 19 percent of the computer field.
There's more:
This is not just a Massachusetts problem. Silicon Valley tech giants have reported embarrassingly low numbers of black and Latino employees. At Google, only 2 percent of its workforce is black and 3 percent is Hispanic; Apple does better with 9 percent of its workforce black and 12 percent Hispanic. To put this in perspective, black people make up 13.3 percent of the total US population and Hispanic people about 17.6 percent.
It appears many successful companies don't have to look like America to be successful.