Sunday, November 20, 2016

Squabbles recede as S.F. supervisors face Trumpism

The San Francisco Chronicle reports:
The election of Donald Trump as president has jolted San Francisco’s liberal leaders — and made the little scuffles between moderates and progressives look about as significant as a heated game of go fish.

Now, programs that were widely agreed upon and settled long ago are at risk. From sanctuary city status to universal health care to police reform, the fights ahead will be huge and will go to the core of San Francisco values.
There's more:
Defending San Francisco’s sanctuary city status is job one, since Trump has pledged to end sanctuary cities in his first 100 days in office by stripping them of federal funding. In San Francisco, that could amount to a devastating $1 billion a year loss in federal funding.

Other immediate concerns include examining how Trump’s plan to dramatically alter the federal Affordable Care Act would affect the city’s Healthy San Francisco program, the country’s first universal health care program.
The struggles of Blue America.