Thursday, November 10, 2016

Legislative Expert Rich Miller : The Democratic Party is now the “regional party.”

Capitol Fax reports:
Remember not too long ago when Democratic activists were dismissing the GOP as a “regional party” confined mainly to the American South? There were also predictions galore just a few short weeks ago that Donald Trump’s candidacy would destroy the Republican Party in a wipeout the likes of which hadn’t been seen since Barry Goldwater.

Instead, Tuesday’s Democratic presidential wins were confined mainly to the West Coast and the Northeast, with a handful of “flyover” states tossed in for good measure. The Democratic Party is now the “regional party.”

* The Republican Party won the presidency, while holding onto control of the US Senate and the US House. The party also picked up at least two more governors, so they’re now at 33 out of 50, with one independent and North Carolina still up in the air.
No word yet on this story from health/fitness/political expert Lena Dunham.