Thursday, November 10, 2016

Rahm Emanuel: Chicago Is Still A Sanctuary City For Illegal Aliens After Trump Victory

The Chicago Tribune reports:
Emanuel took the rare step of giving a speech at the start of Wednesday morning's City Council meeting. The mayor argued that the multicultural slate of politicians who won in Illinois on Tuesday shows the strength of the immigrant ideals he said give the area its vitality. Speaking to reporters after the meeting, Emanuel said he understands unauthorized immigrants' anxiety about Trump's win and pledged to fight forcefully for immigrants' rights in light of the anti-immigrant rhetoric Trump used throughout his campaign.

The mayor noted that Chicago, a sanctuary city, has passed legislation protecting unauthorized immigrants and said he will defend it.

"We are a welcoming city (for immigrants), not just in the language and the rhetoric the mayor used, but it's clear in the ordinance I passed, and we will stay a welcoming city," he said.

"Do not lose hope, because America embraces you," said Emanuel, a remark aimed at immigrant families who have been waiting for an immigration reform deal that could protect them from deportation.
Is Rahm Emanuel willing to lose federal funding of projects?