Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Press fumes as Trump breaks tradition

The Washington Examiner reports:
The national media have been left frustrated and fuming with President-elect Trump's unconventional transition to the White House, and have taken to complaining that even his process of selecting a Cabinet has a reality-show feel to it.

Since he was elected two weeks ago, Trump has spent most of his time at his New York home in Trump Tower and at one of his golf clubs in New Jersey, where he has met with a steady stream of people who might join his administration. But the press has bristled at the idea that the comings and goings are being broadcast.

On Tuesday, Trump said he was "seriously considering" his former GOP primary rival Ben Carson for secretary of Housing and Urban Development, and reports said he later offered him the job. In response, MSNBC correspondent Katy Tur likened Trump's behavior to cheap reality TV.

"I mean, this is a serious break from tradition about how you take these cabinet positions and how you fill them," she said. "You do it behind the scenes. You do it with a lot of serious thought. You do it with a lot of planning and a lot of conservations and then you come out and … you do it in a formal way and you introduce them in a news conference."
The Donald: upsetting the core of Hillary's voting base.