Thursday, November 17, 2016

John Kass: Watching the liberal meltdown over Donald Trump's election

John Kass reports:
The liberal Democratic meltdown continues: the whining, the weeping, the blaming of Hillary Clinton, the gnashing of teeth and those heartbreaking, sighing questions about whether life is worth living anymore.

And that's not just in America's newsrooms, either, but in many other places too.

Outside newsrooms, half the country is in political mourning, the other half is still relishing the election.

And if they don't relish the elevation of Donald Trump to the presidency exactly, they're at least celebrating those videos shared on social media, of precious TV talking heads and pundits laughing hysterically while mocking the "uneducated" and the "deplorables" who didn't have the wits to deny Hillary her Restoration.
An article , worth your time.