Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Democrats should have seen the Trump train coming

The San Francisco Chronicle reports:
Democrats are asking, “How could this have happened?”

But to millions of Americans who feel that the system isn’t working for them, who haven’t been part of the nation’s economic recovery, who think Washington doesn’t listen to them, it was something that needed to happen. Their choice was clear: Donald Trump was the imperfect vessel for their frustration.

“The message to the elites (of both parties) is, ‘You’re out of touch,’” said Mo Fiorina, a professor of political science at Stanford University and author of “Disconnect: The Breakdown of Representation in American Politics.”

“If you’re leaning toward giving the middle finger to the elites, then a vote for Trump makes sense,” he said.

The people who voted for Trump didn’t care that he offered slogans instead of plans. They didn’t care that independent fact-checkers like Politifact found most of the things he said were factually wrong. They shrugged at Trump outsourcing his signature ties and clothing to overseas workers, just like the factory owners who closed the plants where they used to work.
Trump's victory

They cared more that Trump ridiculed bad trade deals supported by both Republicans and Democrats, because he said they were killing the kind of jobs Americans had — or used to have.

And in the process, the gut-level frustration felt by Trump’s working-class, white supporters and others sick of Washington gridlock went under the radar of nearly every pollster and pundit with a Twitter handle or a regular gig at MSNBC. Early exit polls showed Trump winning 2 of every 3 voters without college degrees.
The San Francisco Chronicle has to explain some facts to its' dreamland readers.