Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Democrats know why they lost, but won’t fix their problems

The Boston Globe reports:
If Clinton were honest, she would admit Bernie Sanders pushed her campaign too far to the left. She took the side of Black Lives Matter protesters against the police. She promoted government-run health care and free college tuition at a time of record-breaking deficits. She embraced more gun control.

Instead of listening to her husband Bill Clinton, she strayed from a centrist message focused on jobs and the economy that got him elected and reelected in the 1990s.

Now a civil war is raging between the progressives and the pragmatists in the party, and it looks like Democrats will make the mistake of thinking they didn’t move left far enough. Two of the leading candidates for party chairman are former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean and Minnesota Rep. Keith Ellison, the former a tired liberal voice from a decade ago, the latter the chair of the Progressive Caucus in the House.
An op-ed piece from Eric Fehrnstrom, well worth your time.