Thursday, November 17, 2016

Comrade Bernie Sanders Attacked By Harvard Professor Theda Skocpol In A Letter to the New York Times Editorial Page

Harvard Professor Theda Skocpol attacks Comrade Bernie Sanders in a letter to The New York Times editorial page:
Frankly, Bernie Sanders’ told-you-so message is graceless. It adopts his lone-wolf moralistic tone to suggest that he would have beaten Donald Trump. Mr. Sanders did not attract broad working-class support in the primaries: His base was overwhelmingly restricted to white liberals, especially in the cities and college towns.

Mr. Sanders’ refusal to concede in a timely way as Hillary Clinton won many millions more votes and his constant harping that she was “corrupt” furthered Mr. Trump’s message and contributed to the con man’s catastrophic victory. Mr. Sanders has much to apologize for and nothing to justify dumping on others.

He would make a terrible new major-domo for the Democratic Party.
The battle of the statists! A snapshot of the war coming in the Democrat party.