Thursday, November 17, 2016

Alex Jones, Host and Conspiracy Theorist, Says Donald Trump Called to Thank Him

The New York Times reports:
When Donald J. Trump emerged from the haze of his surprise victory in the presidential election, one of his first calls was apparently to an early supporter, a controversial radio host and conspiracy theorist with a large following.

The supporter, Alex Jones, the host of “The Alex Jones Show” and the operator of the website Infowars, says he fielded a phone call on Friday from the president-elect, thanking Mr. Jones for his support. The call served as a reminder that Mr. Jones, who has been repeatedly denounced in the mainstream news media, will remain someone whose support Mr. Trump wants.

“He was just thanking me for fighting so hard for Americans, and for Americanism, and thanking my listeners and supporters and to let me know that he was working really hard around the clock,” Mr. Jones said in a telephone interview this week.

Mr. Jones said he urged Mr. Trump to hold to his pledges to “go after the corruption in the government, and at least remove a lot of the establishment.”

Aides to Mr. Trump declined to respond to an email seeking comment on the phone call.

As a candidate, Mr. Trump generated headlines when he appeared on Mr. Jones’s Texas-based radio show during the Republican primary contests for a nearly half-hour interview. Mr. Jones thanked him at the end, informing the candidate that he would be “hit” for the appearance on what is considered a fringe show, despite its large audience.
The New York Times being forced to cover Alex Jones whether they like it or not.