Sunday, November 27, 2016

After Trump University, Why Not Sue All Colleges?

The American Thinker reports:
This current academic year, nearly 4 million will graduate with degrees ranging from associate to doctor. What are their prospects in an anemic economy with a record low labor participation rate of under 63 percent? Never mind the media-touted unemployment rate which only counts those actively looking for a job. The market that college graduates find themselves in is one where a third of those who could be working are not. The new grads join 94 million Americans currently outside the labor force.

How are the millennial grads faring in the workplace? They make up 40 percent of the unemployed, about 14 percent of them without a job. Of those employed, how many are on a career path versus just working a job to pay the bills? Was this their expectation when signing up for college?

Waiting tables, brewing lattes, or driving an Uber are jobs but not careers. Not providing the higher income, job opportunities, and family security we are repeatedly told only a college degree can provide.

An article well worth your time.