Wednesday, October 19, 2016

University of Michigan Brings Back Segregation.

The College Fix reports:
Last week the University of Michigan held “diversity” forums sponsored by the Residential College (RC), but some were irked that the events were separated by race — one was for people of color, the other “open to all.”

Because it was geared “to create an open dialogue geared specifically to all people of color involved in the program,” a reporter from The Michigan Daily was asked to leave the forum for non-white students.

The reporter was permitted to attend the other event.

Senior Admissions and Recruitment Coordinator Logan Corey defended the racial separation, saying it was “to ensure that students and faculty of color felt safe raising concerns and sitting in solidarity with other people of color, given the current climate on campus.”
Plessy is bag! No equal protection under the law at University of Michigan for you!