Monday, October 17, 2016

Tight races remain in three battlegrounds: Nevada, North Carolina and Ohio. CNN (Official Press Office of Clinton Campaign) Says Race Is Tight.

CNN reports:
Across three critical battleground states, the race for president remains tight, according to new CNN/ORC polls in Nevada, North Carolina and Ohio.
The polls find Hillary Clinton inches ahead of Donald Trump in North Carolina and Nevada, but continuing to trail the Republican Party's presidential nominee in one of the biggest electoral vote prizes on the map, Ohio.

The polls were taken October 10-15 as accusations of sexual assault against Trump began to roll out in the wake of the release of a video of the real estate mogul captured on a hot mic talking about women in a sexually aggressive and lewd way. All three find most voters in these battlegrounds had heard a great deal about the video itself, and most say the way Trump talks about women on the tape reflects his views about women generally.

But in both Ohio and North Carolina, comparisons to CNN/ORC polls in September and late-August respectively suggest the allegations aren't hurting Trump in either of those states, either among likely voters or among the broader pool of registered voters.
CNN(Official Press Office of Clinton Campaign) tells you Trump is in the game.