Friday, October 14, 2016

Obama mocks Trump as a ‘whiner’ who knows election is lost

The Washington Times reports:
Ratcheting up his mockery of Donald Trump, President Obama said Friday that the Republican nominee is behaving like a crybaby who knows he’s losing the race for president and intends “to drag this election as low as it can possibly go.”

At a campaign rally for Hillary Clinton in Cleveland, the president said Mr. Trump is “making excuses all the time for why he might be losing.”

“It’s always interesting for me to see folks who talk tough, but then don’t act tough,” Mr. Obama said. “If you’re tough, you don’t make excuses. You just play the game.”

He poked fun at Mr. Trump for the Republican’s claim in a speech Thursday that Mrs. Clinton is benefiting from a power structure of global elites at the expense of the working class.
Chicago's own Barack Obama lectures Donald Trump.