Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Lobbyists raised $11 million for Hillary Clinton since July, none for Trump

The Washington Post reports:
Lobbyist-driven fundraising for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton picked up significantly over the past three months, showing that as Clinton’s campaign gained momentum, so, too, did her backing from K Street supporters.

Between July and September, lobbyists bundled nearly $11 million for the Clinton campaign and the Hillary Victory Fund, the campaign’s joint fundraising committee with the Democratic National Committee, according to new Federal Election Commission filings. That marks a sharp uptick from the roughly $2.7 million that lobbyists bundled during the second quarter and the $1.8 million they bundled during the first quarter of 2016.

By comparison, neither Trump’s campaign nor the Trump Victory fund, a joint fundraising committee with the Republican National Committee, reported any lobbyist bundlers. It’s possible that registered lobbyists have bundled some money for Trump, but not enough to trigger the $17,600 disclosure threshold. Trump, however, has received smaller donations from lobbyists.
Hillary Clinton (Democrat of Special Interests).